Cardinals’ GM sheds positive light on Budda Baker’s minicamp return, signaling progress in trade request situation: “We’re going to keep our communication open”

Ahead of the Arizona Cardinals’ minicamp, fans are wondering if their star safety, Budda Baker will return to the ground after having a stressful situation with the team regarding his trade and contract.

Concerning the contract issues, Budda presented a no-show to, many of the Cardinals’ off-season programs. However, he gave assurance over his return for the minicamp.

Monti Ossenfort’s optimistic take on Budda Baker situation

General Manager, Monti Ossenfort delivered his sayings about the burning issue concerning. He expressed his belief that everything will be settled down and Budda would remain a part of the Cardinals.

Now, this 27-year-old safety had been a vital part of the team’s success and GM openly admitted that. Budda had an amazing career span in the season 2022 when he lead the team by recording 111 tackles, seven defense passes, and two interceptions.

On the overall situation, Monti commented, “I think we are going to keep our discussion and line of communication open which Budda’s been great”. He added, “We are going to get through this week and see where we’re at”.

The GM’s statement is indeed a positive indication of the fact that the two times First-Team All pro will be present in the minicamp and the team would try to put out a favorable bargain on the table for both parties to attain Budda for the team.

Did Budda Baker request a trade?

Cardinals safety Budda Baker knows he can't buy respect |

Budda Baker is the formidable safety of the Arizona Cardinals and the team holds high hopes for him. But shocking both—his team and his fans—Baker opened up last February, asking for a trade.

In 2020, he signed in a four-year contract extension with the Cardinals worth $59 million which made him the wealthiest safety in the history of the NFL. And still, there is time for the maturity of his current contract.

Remaining under privileges yet begging for trade really astonished the NFL fans and followers. So, everyone wanted to know why Baker is asking for a trade.

As per reports, Baker wants to occupy the position of the highest-paid safety in the NFL and that is why he asked the Cardinals for a new deal or contract with more enchanting values.

Do you think the Cardinals will retain Budda by offering a new deal? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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