Ravens’ $260million QB Lamar Jackson’s new gameplay earns high praise from All-Pro TE Mark Andrews: “he’s putting the balls on the money”

After signing a five-year, $260 million contract with the Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson is gearing up for a season that aims to solidify his position as one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. The Ravens, to maximize Jackson’s potential, have focused on increasing his passing volume, a strategy that has received high praise from All-Pro tight end Mark Andrews.

As the Ravens seek to surround their quarterback with talented players, they have also made changes to their coaching staff. One notable addition is offensive coordinator Todd Monken, whose impact on the team’s offense has been significant. As Andrews highlighted during a recent press interaction, this positive change has not gone unnoticed.

Mark Andrews praises Lamar Jackson’s growth

Mark Andrews, in discussing Lamar Jackson’s growth as a passer, expressed his admiration for his quarterback’s improved throwing ability.

According to a report by Baltimoreravens.com, Andrews stated, “Just coming back here today and seeing him throw, seeing the way he’s seeing the game, his balls are incredible, [and] he’s putting the balls on the money. So, he looks incredible. And yes, I think him throwing the ball [more] is a good thing.”

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This praise from Andrews is a testament to the progress the quarterback has made in his passing game. While his running ability has been a significant asset throughout his career, his development as a passer will be crucial for the Ravens’ success. By improving his accuracy and decision-making, the quarterback can elevate the team’s offense to new heights.

Lamar Jackson rated fourth among the most explosive runners

In a recent analysis by Nick Shook of the NFL, Jackson was ranked fourth among the most explosive runners of the 2022 season. This recognition indicates that Jackson’s potential extends beyond his passing game. Despite not reaching top speeds compared to other leaders in this category, Jackson’s unpredictable style as a mobile quarterback allowed him to capitalize on rushing opportunities. 

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Moreover, his remarkable speed, reaching 15-plus miles per hour on nearly 37 percent of his plays, contributed significantly to his explosive score. This further reinforces his reputation as a big-play threat on every down. 

As the new season approaches everyone will have high expectations from Lamar Jackson. The praise from Mark Andrews highlights the growth and potential of the Ravens’ star quarterback. 

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