From bicycle thief to maestro of bicycle kicks, the remarkable journey to prominence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, soccer’s Muhammad Ali

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is more than just a good player because the soccer star has become famous for many off-field stories surrounding him. At the age of 41, this iconic player is on the verge of retirement after closing the journey of his dramatic life.

So, let’s move forward to learn more about the professional footballer and his mostly unheard tales.

Early life of Zlatan

The Swedish player was welcomed into a poor, impoverished family and grew up in increasing poverty. His household with his five siblings was a chaotic place to live in.

Zlatan’s mother used to work in other’s houses as a cleaning lady while his father was a caretaker. They flew to Sweden from former Yugoslavia and established their family there.

However, the couple got separation from each other when the soccer pro was barely two. So, he along with his siblings had to live alternating between their mother and father’s house. Things were more than tough as both of their parents could hardly provide their daily essentials.

As a result, he developed the habit of stealing and held the experience of stealing nearly every household item from the lock to the bicycle.

Muhammed Ali’s influence on Zlatan

To get rid of his devastating life, the AC Milan player, used to go to the nearby dirty field of his house and play footballer until his heart was satisfied. And this was seemingly his only way out of the misery for some time.

Muhammed Ali’s matches had a lot to do with boosting Zlatan’s energy and the urge to find the goal of his life. The legendary boxer was known for bringing hope to millions across the globe and his stories inspired the footballer to break free of the vicious cycle of miseries and move ahead.

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Rise to stardom, career accolades

The footballer started his professional journey at Malmö FF in 1999 and this is where both his skills and stardom began to flourish.

Making the most of his striking abilities, he gathered a total of 34 trophies and scored 570 goals during his tenure. And now he is retiring as ‘arguably’ one of the best strikers ever born.

Some of his prominent title achievements include-
1. Dutch League – Eredivisie x 2
2. Dutch Cup – KNVB Cup x 1
3. Dutch Super Cup – Johan Cruyff Shield x 1
4. Serie A x 6
5. Supercoppa Italiana x 3
6. Spanish League – Primera Division x 1
7. Spanish Super Cup – Supercopa De Espana x 2
8. UEFA Super Cup x 1

Exceptional dribbling, powerful long shots, and ball-handling qualities will likely ensure Zlatan Ibrahimovic a place in the history of soccer. What do you think about his life and career? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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