Raves RB Derrick Henry reveals missed ‘perfect’ opportunity with Cowboys that never materialized

Derrick Henry, undoubtedly one of the best RBs in the NFL, found a new home this offseason with the Baltimore Ravens. He signed a lucrative deal with the Ravens and is excited to start a new chapter of his career with the team. 

However, recently, the RB shared that for him, an ideal situation would have been to stay in Dallas but that couldn’t work out for one reason.

Derrick Henry claims perfect situation with Cowboys failed for one reason

Derrick Henry during his appearance on The Pivot Podcast, admitted that he was hoping to hear from the Dallas Cowboys during his free agency

He shared that he believes signing with the Cowboys would have been an ideal situation but that couldn’t work out as the team didn’t show any interest in him.

“It would’ve been crazy,” Henry said of possibly playing for Dallas. “I thought it’d been some type of reach out, some type of talks or whatever. They never reached out, you know what I’m saying?”

The RB added that he was interested in the Cowboys although he knew not much about the team. But after talking to his agent, he realized there was no possibility of going to Dallas. 

“I don’t really know too much about their organization. All I know is what I hear. I was talking to my agent. They weren’t really interested. It is what it is. Like I said earlier, I’m gonna be where I’m gonna be, and I feel like Baltimore was the perfect spot.”

Derrick Henry
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Despite Derrick Henry being one of the most talented RBs in the league, the reason why the Cowboys didn’t reach out to him was probably because the team didn’t focus on this area of their roster. 

However, Henry also added that he is happy about signing with the Ravens and is excited to play with them as a running back, despite stating a week ago that he won’t ever let his son play as a RB.

Derrick Henry explains why he won’t let his son play RB role

The Running Back position is deteriorating in the NFL. Initially, it was just about the money that was spent on this position, but now it seems like RBs are also losing respect and recognition for their role.

The more prominent roles, like quarterbacks and wide receivers, are in the spotlight, with the RBs hidden somewhere in the background. 

Probably, Derrick Henry, famous for his secret energy drink is also going through the same feeling as recently he stated that if he ever has a son, he won’t let him play as a running back.

“If I ever have a son, my son ain’t playing running back though. We want to take a stance for the guys who’s already coming up and already in rotation to make it to the league and be able to set something up for them. So when they come into the league and have an opportunity to get paid, they can get paid. But as far as my own son, he can’t play running back.”

Derrick Henry
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Derrick Henry also emphasized the importance of setting up opportunities for young players entering the league to ensure they can be compensated fairly.

Hopefully, there will be something done to ensure that exceptional running backs receive the same recognition and compensation as other elite players in the game.

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