Wrestling News: Rey Mysterio to ‘sign new WWE contract’ because of his son Dominik

Rey Mysterio is a legend and a future WWE Hall of Famer who will go down as the biggest underdog in professional wrestling. The former World Champion currently competes on Raw, but he has actually been working in WWE as a free agent.

Yes, you read that right. Mysterio’s contract expired some time ago and he’s been working unassigned. Mysterio recently competed at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules where he ‘kayfabe’ lost his eye in an Eye for an Eye match against Seth Rollins.

According to reports by PWInsider, Mysterio met with WWE officials this week at their Stamford Connecticut headquarters to discuss a new deal. The report also mentions that it is still uncertain whether they were able to reach an agreement.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Rey Mysterio could sign a new contract with McMahon because he wants his son Dominik to continue to progress in the company.


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