Rhea Ripley discloses real reason behind “nutcracker” nickname in high school

Rhea Ripley is known for her antics to take on anyone in the ring. From smashing Wes Lee on a table to sabotaging AJ Lee’s match on SmackDown, she is not afraid to take a fight. The current WWE Women’s Champion recently appeared on Logan Paul’s podcast and discussed her high school and the nickname that she got.

With her persona on WWE, the name seems to go perfectly with her. Rhea Ripley is known for her feud against champion Becky Lynch, whom she will face off in WrestleMania 40. 

Rhea Ripley shares story behind the unique nickname

She shared her high school nicknames on the Impaulsive podcast yesterday. Ripley was known as ‘Nutcracker’ for hitting boys in the nether regions. This was her reply when asked what move she would take if attacked by someone. This was when Ripley also said that she could beat up 80% of men.

“I got a nickname in high school, ‘Nutcracker’ for a reason coz I used to hit people in the nuts. Being in a relationship with my partner, we scrap a little bit. I normally start and I finish it,” she said.

This is also reflected in her dynamics with her partner, Buddy Matthews. Ripley mentions that they often take on each other, with her starting the fight-ins. She labels her ‘stubborn, which benefits her in situations where she does not have the upper hand.

Ripley also explains how this trait helped her during her early years. She wanted to prove those wrong who doubted her choice to transition to professional wrestling. She played soccer and netball in high school, and her parents wanted her to pursue those. But she mentions that a good challenge excites her, which made her take on WWE eventually.

Rhea Ripley sheds light on hurtful piercing experience

During the podcast, Logan Paul asks Rhea Ripley about her piercings and which ones hurt the most. To which she replies that she has multiple piercings on her belly buttons and ni**les and doing them increased the pain threshold quite a bit.

She also replies that she wrestles with them without taking them out and is used to it. There was also an incident where she had to get the piercing done twice because the metal bar was not of the proper size. According to her, the whole experience was pretty ‘horrible’, and fans can just imagine the pain she had to endure due to that.

But the piercings are part of the goth persona that Ripley brings to her character. Her in-the-face attitude and willingness to take on anyone regardless of the opposition make her the champion wrestler that she is.

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