Colby Covington hints Jake Paul consumes steroids to fight rigged boxing matches: “It’s gonna end bad”

Former UFC Interim-Welterweight champion, Colby “Chaos” Covington, went off on Jake Paul during a recent interview, claiming that the YouTube sensation’s fight career is entirely fake, and criticized Jake’s upcoming matchup with boxing veteran Mike Tyson.

Scheduled to go against each other on July 20th, the fight is going to be streamed live on Netflix and is going to be held in Texas in the AT&T Stadium.

Colby Covington shares candid thoughts on Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson bout

Speaking in an interview with Adam Sosnick of Valuetainment, Colby shared his thoughts on the upcoming infamous boxing bout between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul.

“I don’t like it at all. Mike still looks like a superhuman for 57, but he’s still 57 years old,” said Colby.

Colby Covington also mentioned that he believes that the footage of Tyson making rounds on ‘X’ is old and Tyson is not in the same shape.

“He shouldn’t be fighting anymore. I don’t think it’s safe. I think it’s dangerous at that age. Your heart might explode. He gets hit in the head, he might have a brain bleed. … I hope Mike Tyson makes it through injury-free and doesn’t get hurt,” said Covington, concerned about the health risks that would be added to the damage that Tyson has already accumulated throughout his fighting career.

Continuing, Covington also accused Jake Paul of ‘juicing’ (taken banned substances to enhance sports performance).

“I don’t like the fight. Jake is in his mid-20s. He’s doing every chemical known to man. He’s literally a lab project. They’re just juicing him up, him and his brother. Everybody knows that. The machine is behind him, juicing him up, putting every chemical known to man. So, I think it’s going to end bad,” said Colby, expressing and crediting Jake’s YouTube boxing career to PEDs.

“I hate the fight. I think it takes away from Mike Tyson’s legacy when a guy like this comes in and beats him, a YouTuber comes in and beats the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ and the most feared man.” concluded the “Chaos”.

Difference between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s training

While videos of Mike Tyson’s training are making rounds on ‘X’, videos of Jake Paul have also surfaced.

Mike Tyson’s training videos that took spotlight within the boxing and the MMA community are videos of the “Iron” training really hard and building himself back up to what could potentially be deemed as ‘fight shape.’

On the other hand, Jake Paul took to ‘X’ and other socials to troll his fans and the media, sharing a ‘Training Vlog’ in which Jake is partying and getting drunk. This is to probably imply that Jake knows he doesn’t need to focus much as he’s young and the match will work out in his favor against a 57-year-old retired boxer.

What’s your prediction for the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul bout?

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