Colby Covington claims ex-UFC champ Sean Strickland suffers from ‘CTE’ amid Vegas investigation

Colby Covington and Sean Strickland share a history of beef together, with both fighters having criticized each other’s personalities in public in the past as well.

Covington has now claimed that the former Middleweight champ, Sean Strickland, is soon going to be going to court after he attacked a ‘homeless man’ in Las Vegas and called Strickland a dangerous man.

Colby Covington fires shots at Sean Strickland

Former UFC interim-Welterweight champion, Colby Covington, claimed during an interview with Valuetainment that former UFC middleweight champion, Sean Strickland, is under investigation for allegedly ‘pistol-whipping’ a homeless guy in Vegas.

Before alleging Strickland of being a criminal and an anti-social element, Colby also mentioned that Sean made the switch from Welterweight to Middleweight because he ‘couldn’t handle the division.’

“He was a washout in my division, he couldn’t handle it in my division, he got beat up, knocked out because he couldn’t cut it. I think he’s a bum, he’s been hit in the head too many times, he’s got CTE,” said Covington.

“Anything that guy says you can’t follow along, that guys going literally probably going to kill someone someday. He’s under investigation right now in Vegas. Some drunk guy was wandering the streets near his home, he goes outside the home, pistol-whips the dude in the middle of the street. He’s under crazy investigation in Vegas right now. He’s gonna be going to court,” added Covington.

Although Covington has made claims of the same, there is no recent available data to prove the legitimacy of the allegations. Although, it can be speculated that Colby Covington is referring to a different event, possibly when Sean Strickland dealt with an ‘intruder’ outside his house.

Is Sean Strickland under investigation for illegal gun possession?

In November of 2023, Sean Strickland was visited by an unknown man who attempted to hide between Sean’s cars and had entered Strickland’s private property.

The former Middleweight Champ, being a fervent gun enthusiast, retrieved his pistol when confronting the unknown man, who was later found to be fleeing from the police due to charges of battery and theft.

Although Strickland was questioned by the police and held for a bit, Strickland was never officially ‘arrested.’ It can be speculated that Colby is referring to this event and trying to paint Strickland as a criminal. As of now, Strickland is yet to address any claims made by Colby.

Colby Covington is coming off a dull decision loss to Leon “The Rocky” Edwards at UFC 296 in December, where he competed for the title.

Since then, Colby has had one name in mind and that is of Ian Machado Garry, wanting to return to the octagon in June during the International Fight Week.

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