Conor McGregor told to “shut the f*** up” by Joe Rogan over “crazy” claim that acting is harder than fighting

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Podcast’s running series Protect Our Parks, Mark Normand and Joe Rogan discuss Conor’s experience with acting in Roadhouse and how, for McGregor, it was more challenging than being a UFC fighter.

Joe Rogan spoke about the problems Conor faced as an MMA fighter and how they cannot compare to the physical difficulty of acting.

Joe Rogan bins Conor McGregor’s claim that acting is harder than fighting

In a discussion with Mark Normand and Ari Shaffir about Conor McGregor’s Hollywood debut with Roadhouse, the crew discussed Conor’s comments about the complexities of acting as compared to what Conor is used to.

According to Mark Normand, Conor McGregor mentioned in an interview that ‘Acting is harder than UFC’.

Joe Rogan, after hearing that Conor said the same, expressed heavy denial about the same, recalling McGregor’s last ever fight in the cage, when McGregor broke his tibialis against Dustin Poirier, which Poirier won via TKO.

“Listen to me, that’s not true. Okay, act in Roadhouse or fight Khabib again? Shut the f*** up. That’s crazy talk.” Joe Rogan said in complete denial that Conor would claim something like that.

Although, as per McGregor, shooting a film was very challenging in an aspect he didn’t anticipate, due to very long working hours and not getting to get off shifts for nights straight, which Conor mentioned he had a hard time dealing with in the beginning.

Conor McGregor’s latest interaction with Joe Rogan

In a recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan discussed the potential return of Conor McGregor into the UFC Octagon.

While speaking of McGregor’s return and lifestyle, Rogan stated that one of the main aims of becoming successful in your field is to live life like a “f**king baller.”

He then went onto refer to the time when McGregor was spotted watching a Formula 1 race on the back of his yacht in Monaco.

Despite the MMA community and fans taking a problem with the lifestyle of Conor McGregor before his potential return to the Octagon, Rogan went on to defend McGregor, saying he wants to see McGregor do whatever makes McGregor happy.

He went on to add that McGregor has worked hard in such a way that he deserves to do what he wants with his life. Conor McGregor shared a clip of the same on his Twitter profile captioned ‘Love you, Joe.’

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