Roger Federer overcame all the odds against Andy Murray to beat him while playing with a kilt on

Six years ago today, tennis fans managed to witness an exhibition match with cross-cultural amusement. The players competing against each other were the famed duo from the Big 4 of tennis. Roger Federer and Andy Murray were elite foes in the sport and had many intense showdowns over the years.

None were to compare with the sheer hilarity and absurdity of the event that was organized to provide funds for Unicef and other charities. Fans got to witness the fun side of both competitive players and the Swiss superstar put on a riotous show for fans to enjoy.

Federer once beat Murray wearing a kilt

Roger Federer was having an immensely successful 2017 season, having won two grand slam titles. Murray was no pushover either, having secured his third title the previous year. A tough rivalry beckoned a fierce matchup and both players were expected to battle it out intensely in the exhibition match.

The moment Roger Federer walked on the court wearing a kilt, fans rolled over in their seats with laughter. Not many had seen the jovial side of the Swiss legend but that day fans were treated to an absurdly hilarious sight. Andy Murray, too, was dressed in a kilt and both players embraced their Scottish side as they took to court.

Eventually, an unbecoming Federer managed to defeat Murray and immediately became the center of social media memes aimed at congratulating his outrageous feat.

Andy Murray was nursing a hip injury at the time and Federer was quick to address the Scot’s issue in his post-match interview.

“My big advice is to just get healthy again. No, seriously, that’s it. Take your time, however long it takes,” Federer said.

The moment was a funny peek into the intense rivalry that the two players shared and having battled it out over 20 times together, the showdown between the two was a high-profile event.

Federer’s H2H against Murray

Roger Federer and Andy Murray have played 25 matches together on hard courts and grass surfaces. Despite having played for over 10 years, neither has played the other on the clay court.

Federer leads Murray 14-11 in the head-to-head battle, with his recent win being their last match at the 2015 Cincinnati Open, where Federer won 6-4,7-6(4). The last time Murray beat the Swiss was at the 2013 Australian Open, when he triumphed in five grueling sets.

Andy Murray and Roger Federer at Wimbledon, via Eurosport

The pair met for the first time at the 2005 Bangkok Open final, where Federer managed to beat Murray in straight sets. Since then, the late 2000s saw Murray dominate Federer but the Swiss managed to find his best form in the early 2010s and turn the tides in his favour.

Roger Federer has retired from the game, while Andy Murray is still competing on the professional ATP circuit. The Scot is six years younger than the 42-year-old Federer and has gas left in his tank to last a few more years playing tennis, while the Swiss is busy engaging in business ventures, fashion deals and making appearances at major tennis events in his post-retirement life.

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