Russell Wilson’s Wife Ciara Having Trouble Rehearsing in High Altitude after Trade off to Denver Broncos

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star Ciarra Willson claimed that she is facing trouble after moving to Denver from Seattle with Russel Wilson. The singer appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Monday, claiming such when she was asked about moving to Denver after husband Russell Wilson’s trade to the Broncos, and how she’s adjusting to the altitude.

When Corden asked about the altitude in Denver, Ciara replied, “Oh my goodness, you feel it. My last rehearsal was crazy. I was, like, I need a break. We had a couple breaks in the schedule, like, just take A moment and pause and breathe. You can really feel it. Going upstairs is like I literally worked out for one hour.”

Ciara and Russel Wilson were married from 2016. They recently headed to Denver after the 33 year old quarterback was traded by the Seattle Seahawks back in March. however, Ciarra also added she is getting used to the new place with a hope of changing the altitude.

Ciara and Russell Wilson Family

Ciara shared, “But there’s an advantage to that as well, you know. Training there for a good bit, then you’re going to be ready for the opponents. You’re going to be ready for when it’s time to hit the stage I had extra wind. I was like, let’s go!”

Ciara was also aske by Corden if her husband Russel Wilson gets any advantage on the field due to practicing in such a high altitude. But Ciara was only self oriented answers,

“I mean, I’m just saying, I’m kinda competitive so, I think there is an advantage to that. You know what I mean? How could it not be? “


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