Sean O’Malley dares Ilia Topuria to $100,000 bet after Alexander Volkanovski’s opponent eyes Conor McGregor fight

Ilia Topuria and Sean O’Malley got into a verbal spat on social media in the fast-paced world of mixed martial arts. For an MMA fan, a heated social media exchange is nothing unusual these days, but Sean has made things interesting by asking Ilia to wager $100,000.

O’Malley, a name known for his outspoken personality has come up with something new this time as well. Recently, he got schooled by Sean Strickland during a verbal altercation with him. However, this time he made the challenge against Ilia interesting by throwing in a bet of hundred grand.

Sean O’Malley responds to Ilia Topuria’s Conor McGregor ambition

Ilia Topuria, who is ranked #5 in the UFC featherweight division right now, responded harshly to a tweet from Sean O’Malley, utterly discounting him as a possible opponent and expressing his desire to take on UFC star Conor Mcgregor following his bout with Alexander Volkanovski in UFC 298.

Topuria’s statement seemed to enrage O’Malley, who then challenged him to a bet of $100,000 to determine who has a higher PPV number. Suga grounded Ilia by stating that he has no chance of defeating Conor and that the Irishman doesn’t even know who he is.

Sean said, “Couple things here. 1st. Teenagers places? No understando 2nd. Let’s make a bet on PPV numbers. 100k cash whoever’s PPV is bigger. If you don’t have 100k, that’s fine you can do 4 payments of 25k. 3rd. Conor doesn’t know who you are.”

However, Ilia appeared uninterested in accepting his offer, referring to himself as the PPV king and saying he was unconcerned with these pity challenges. He said, “I can’t care less about you, kid. Now the PPV king needs to sleep! Stay safe and save ur money… GN!”

Ilia Topuria vs Alexander Volkanovski clash at UFC 298

Alexander Volkanovski, the current UFC featherweight champion, is set to defend his title in UFC 298 against Ilia Topuria. Volkanovski is entering this fight after his defeat against Islam Makhachev in the lightweight division, aiming to make a remarkable comeback. On the other hand, Ilia, with 14 victories in his professional MMA career, remains unbeaten.

Topuria appears confident about his potential win over Volk and is already contemplating his next opponent after defeating The Great. On the other hand Volkanovski has handed a warning to the upcoming undefeated fighter. He said that Ilia is a good fighter, a durable, hungry guy but he will humble him.


Volkanovski said, “I mean, he’s doing great things, I don’t think he’s done as good as he thinks he’s done, but I mean time will tell. I think I’m gonna be giving a bit of an awakening, a bit of humbling February. But again, he’s a good, strong, durable guy. He’s young and hungry, but that’s my thing. I think I’m more hungrier than these guys trying to chase that belt.”

Suga Sean, who has thrown a challenge at Ilia Topuria, currently vying for UFC Gold against Volkanovski, has undeniably made a mark in the UFC since his debut in 2020. It remains intriguing to see if he can seize the belt from Volkanovski.


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