Shaquille O’Neal to eat horned frog legs after Georgia Bulldogs wins National Championship

Shaquille O’Neal is a living legend of the NBA world. On and off the field, the “Big man” has amassed fans- whether it be pumped-up performances for the Los Angeles Lakers, talking about his childhood, or making ridiculous bets on live TV- Shaq has done it all. 

However, it is not just the NBA universe that the giant amuses; rather, people from all walks of life, including other sports like Football. Shaquille being the legendary figure is now and then called on game analysis shows, where he shares his views.

It was no different when he appeared on TNT, and while he was hilarious, he did not know what he was calling upon- eating the legs of a “Horned Frog “!

Why does Shaquille O’Neal have to eat a Horned Frog’s legs?

O’Neal has done it again! Without any regrets, he made a fool of himself in front of millions of people. In TNT, big man Shaq made a bet that TCU would go on to beat Georgia Bulldogs in the College finale. If TCU goes on to lose the match, he will eat “Horned Frog’s legs,” as TCU is named the “Horned Frogs.” The Final was a very one-sided match, and guess what? O’Neal’s TCU was not the lucky side.

Moreover, it seemed like the Horned Frogs were chased, killed, and shallowed by the Bulldogs as the team from TCU stood no chance against the mighty Georgian team, who emerged as victors with the match coming to an end at 65-7!

O’Neal, after the game, knew what was coming at him, so he shared a post on Instagram, making his fans go bonkers.


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O’Neal sarcastically wrote in his post, “the face u make when u gotta eat horned frog legs congratulations @georgiafootball.”

Afterward, TNT joined Shaq on Twitter sharing his post-

Shaq never fails to entertain his fans, and his followers love him for that. What does the living legend have next for the crowd? Stay tuned and find out. 

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