Medical examiner reveals Super Bowl champ Charles Johnson died by suicide

Charles Johnson was a great line breaker back in his days. After having a successful career- winning the Super Bowl representing the New England Patriots in 2001, Johnson wanted to “chill out” in his retirement. It turns out he took his “chilling” off the charts, even at fifty years of age, which had cost him his life.

Earlier on 17th July 2022, the news broke out that Charles was not among us anymore. His fans could not believe his death as he was only fifty-year-old and was a healthy man. 

USA Today says that Johnson was found dead in a hotel room near his home in Raleigh. At the time of his death, Charles Johnson had “acute oxycodone, hydrocodone, and mirtazapine toxicity.” Officials reported that Johnson was perfectly fit and was not prescribed any medicine by the doctors. Thus, his case was a clear suicidal one, as he overdosed on heavy drugs.

Many players, after retirement, spend their time with their families, going on vacations, and living the good life. Even though Charles was married, no one knew who his wife was. This is another indication that Charles might not have had the best post-career life, which led him to make aggressive moves, risking his life and eventually losing it. 

What did Charles Johnson’s Football career look like?

Playing in the 90s and early 2000s, Charles was a phenomenal line breaker, and his career stats showcase his talent on the field. Charles has played for four teams in his career- starting with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1994, then moving to the Eagles team in 98, where he played for two years, ran 1056 yards, and scored eight match-winning touchdowns. 

After his impressive time in Philadelphia, the Linebreaker signed a contract with the Patriots and helped the team lift the Super Bowl. Although Johnson was a regular player for the New England team, he could not give his best there, so he made a final move- representing the Buffalo Bills in 2002 and retired afterward as his performance significantly dropped. 

Charles could have lived the perfect life if he was alive today- reminding fans not to overdo things. Even after his “out-of-control” suicidal incident, the Football world will always have a special corner for the linebreak.

Charles Johnson
Remembering Charles Johnson.


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