‘We are happy with the squad’ Xavi Hernández blocks possibility of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang returning to Barcelona

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has been trapped in the wrong basket as either The Stamford Blues or the Blaugrana is the option for him but the Gabon international is attractive to none.

Aubameyang had been really poor for Chelsea with nine games he played and scoring only a lone goal is awful as a forward from a team like Chelsea’s pedigree.

This has been reflected by their recent performance and Chelsea has him on the bench for the last couple of games and is expected to be out of favor for the rest of the season.

The Gabon international had the desire to go back to Barcelona contacting the manager, but Xavi shut the door for him and insisted that he is happy with his squad and don’t have any plans to bring Auba back to Catalonia.

“We are happy with the squad. In principle, there will be no changes. There has been no meeting.”- Xavi spoke.

However, the former Arsenal captain had some rumors about figuring out a move to Athletico Madrid as there is a gap to be filled with Felix’s departure to Chelsea. However, FIFA regulations only served to mock the player’s desire.

According to FIFA rules, a player cannot represent more than two clubs in a single season. Currently, Auba has the quota full but not filled after apparently becoming a Barcelona player and a Chelsea loanee.

Aubameyang played 8 minutes for Barcelona this season and then moved to London with a season-long loan. He will have to remain at Stamford Bridge until the next summer.

Barcelona is fine with their squad and there are a few rumors involving a Dembele move circulated, but Xavi wants to have all of them remain at the Blaugrana.

Piere Emerick Aubameyang with the Gunners tattoo on his hand will now only hope for a Stamford Bridge worth-remembering performance at the later stage of the season.


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