“Dana White was wrong” Daniel Cormier wants to end the debate of UFC president slapping his wife

The incident involving Dana White on New Year’s Eve is still causing people to talk about it and express their various opinions on the matter. But Daniel Cormier thinks this debate has gone on long enough and that it’s time to call it quits.

What actually happened with Dana White on New Year’s Eve?

The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, and his wife spent the evening of December 31 with friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. According to a video that was made public by TMZ, they were having a great time, dancing and drinking in the VIP section of a nightclub until something unexpected occurred, at which point he got into a physical altercation with his wife.

In the video, it can be seen that Dana’s wife slapped him after she took offense to something Dana said and took it out on him. Dana slapped her back, and the two of them continued to fight in the middle of the crowd until their friends broke it up for them. As a result of this unfortunate occurrence, the launch of Dana Whites’ Power Slap League, a new organization for combat sports, has been delayed.

What is Daniel Cormier’s take on the incident?

UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier thinks whatever happened has gone on too long, but since Dana apologized almost immediately, the feud should be over. He brings up the subject of respecting women, which is something that is taught from the time a person is young and is something that everyone is aware of.

“Dana White was wrong. And he told you he was wrong. We have long been told our entire lives that we are not supposed to put our hands on women. Dana White himself has gone on record to say, ‘You are not supposed to put your hands on women.’ He understands that, he took accountability immediately.” said Daniel. 

In an interview with TMZ, Dana White expressed regret over the events of that night. Dana’s wife also confirmed to TMZ in a separate interview that everything is absolutely fine between them. Former two-division champion Daniel Cormier thinks that the Whites quickly considered the impact of their actions on their children and deeply regret it.

“Now, here’s the question, though. In these instances, the one thing you think about first is the family, the children, and the rest of the White family, and if they will get through this. But Dana’s making no excuses for his actions, right? Some fighters are trying to defend him. He doesn’t defend himself. Why should anyone go to defend his actions that he is saying, ‘I was wrong’? Everyone knows that it’s wrong.” Cormier added.

Cormier added that apologizing was a good start, but that Dana needs to do more to put things right in the long run because people will not forget what he did.


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