Power Slap League’s TV debut delayed following Dana White’s physical altercation controversy with his wife

Dana White’s new combat sports venture has yet to see the light of day, as the league’s launch has been postponed yet again due to a physical altercation with his wife. Dana recently announced The Power Slap League, a slap-fighting-based combat sports venture.

The new business venture of Dana White, The Power Slap League was supposed to make its debut on January 11, but for some reason, it has been pushed back a week. Neither UFC nor the official broadcaster, TBS, has provided any information regarding the reason for the delay.

Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has been in the news for a week for slapping his wife during a physical altercation on New Year’s Eve. The entire altercation between Dana and his wife was recorded on video, which immediately caused a stir among UFC fans.

Dana and his wife were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends. They were seen in the VIP area, having a great time together until Dana said something to his wife that she did not take well, leading to her slapping Dana, according to a video released by TMZ. Dana slapped her back, and the couple fought in the middle of the audience until their mutual friends broke up the altercation.

Despite the fact that TBS and the UFC have remained silent regarding the delay of the launch of Dana White’s new venture, there has been speculation that the delay may be due to the new year incident. Although the rescheduled date is January 18 according to a UFC official, the verified page has not yet stated that in a post.

In addition to Dana, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, who was the previous owner of the company, are also involved in the Power Slap League as co-owners in this combat competition. In October, the Nevada State Athletic Commission granted the league its license, which resulted in the league’s officialization as a legal entity.


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