Brittney Griner not happy to be identified as a homosexual

Ever since Brittney Griner is back in the States, people cannot help but talk about her. However, the discussion is not limited to her time in a Russian prison; fans are revisiting parts of Brittney’s life to find out whether they have missed any plot holes.

One of the essential parts of Brittney’s life was revealing her sexuality. Even after she had exposed who she was, people asked her very amusing yet irritating questions that the athlete disapproved of.  

Brittney, Skylar Diggins, and Elena Delle Donne were invited to an interview on Sports Illustrated in 2013. In the interview, Brittney had to answer questions she did not expect. Even though she had earlier revealed herself to be gay, she did not want to answer those specific questions. The show made Brittney Griner angry enough to write about it in her book, In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court.

What did Brittney Griner write in her book?

After feeling disgusted by the show, Griner expressed her suppressed thoughts in her book and revealed how she felt during the interview, Griner famously says, 

“But that’s when she pounced and asked me a specific question about my sexuality…I was pis*ed off when the interview was over. Not because I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my sexuality, obviously I do, but because I wanted to tell my own story and give it the context I thought it deserved.”

“The way Jason Collins got to tell his story when he came out later that month, on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I didn’t get to do any of that in the little digital video. I feel like they just wanted their breaking news story…”

Jason Collins may not be well-known among recent NBA followers. As of 2013, he was openly gay and had played professional basketball. Jason, a former professional player who only recently came out as Black and Gay, is no longer in the league. Others in the sports community opted to applaud him for coming out and praised the courage it took to do so.

Unlike Collins, Griner did not get a special show. Instead, she had to reveal her sexuality in an interview meant for the “top picks” of the WNBA; this is the reason Brittany was “pis*ed.”

Looking back at those days, the show did ask a lot of irrelevant questions that could make anyone feel upset. Nonetheless, we should all be like Brittney and proudly show who we are. 

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