“Show up and piss in everyone’s Cheerios”: Aljamain Sterling claps back at UFC president Dana White ahead of bout vs Sean O’Malley

The vicious war of words between the “Big Boss” UFC President Dana White and Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling is intensifying outside of the octagon. Sterling anticipated some well-earned relaxation and healing following his recent victory over Henry Cejudo at UFC 288.

However, he was caught off guard when White ‘allegedly’ announced a fight against Sean O’Malley for UFC 292 without even consulting Aljo, which the champion views as a disrespectful move.

Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling is ready to show up against Sean O’Malley

Sterling wasted no time in firing back at White’s decision, creating a stir in the combat sports universe. Aljamain quite recently vented his frustrations on Twitter, making it apparent that White should have gotten his approval before re-caging him despite the fact that he was only a phone call away.

After his win against Henry Cejudo, Aljo called out Sean inside the Octagon. The Bantamweights even had a face-off which pretty much confirmed the fight. However, the 135-pound king probably did not want to defend his belt within only four pay-per-view events.

However, White had different plans, scheduling the bout for August. Unhappy with this decision, Sterling retaliated and criticized White for failing to consult with him and not allowing him sufficient time to recover from his previous fight. While he assured everyone that he would honor his word and show up for the fight, his displeasure was still soaring.

Taking to Twitter, the bantamweight champion expressed his disagreement with the UFC president. He tweeted, “Boss, I’m just a phone call away! With all due respect, you set up a fight without even discussing it with me or checking on my injuries after the fight. I have a life outside of fighting, but once again, I’ll show up and ruin everyone’s day… again. Cheers!” 

Aljamain Sterling Wants ‘Conor McGregor Treatment’

Using YouTube as his platform, Sterling previously shared his thoughts, questioning whether his lingering injuries were a concern and how his body was responding. Sterling mocked White’s responses in return and said that he wanted to be treated like Conor McGregor. He remarked,

“Whenever Conor does something, everyone goes, ‘Oh my God! Isn’t he amazing?’ Can’t I be amazing too? I’m not asking for much.”

Of course, to be treated like ‘The Mystic Mac’, Aljo needs to bring in huge numbers like the Irish too. After defeating ‘Triple C’ if the Jamaican manages to stop the ‘Suga’ Sean hype train as well, perhaps there will be bigger bargaining chips on his hands the next time he sits at the negotiation table.

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