Solomon Thomas advocates elimination of NFL turf fields following injury of Giants’ Sterling Shepard

NFL turfs are quite likely turning out to be the biggest threat to players as New York Giants’ Sterling Shephard faces a season-ending injury during the 23-16 loss against Dallas Cowboys in week 3.

Injuries are quite common in any team game, especially in NFL. But most of them are due to heavy collisions between players thanks to the aggressive nature of the game. However, when it comes to non-contact injury, it becomes a highly unlikely and rather unfortunate event. Well, as it turns out, NFL is experiencing a lot of non-contact injuries in recent years.

Solomon Thomas recently expressed his dissatisfaction towards NFL turfs after giants’ wide receiver Sterling Shephard tore his ACL last week. Solomon believes the turfs are the biggest villains for horrible non-contact injuries like torn ACL and others.

It’s obvious that someone like him would do that as he can feel the pain big time. The defensive tackle tore his left knee ACL in 2020 at MetLife stadium While playing for the 49ers.

He believed that the MetLife turf played a big part on his injury back then and thinks that the same turf did it yet again after Shephard also tore his ACL in week 3 and is set to miss the entire season for the Giants. 

Thomas slammed the turfs of NFL and expressed his concern. “I believe in the NFL we shouldn’t have turf fields,”

“I believe we should have grass fields like the Premier League in England. The risk of non-contact injury is significantly higher on turf fields. … I believe as players we should be protected better.” as the injuries broke Solomon’s heart.

Thomas believes it’s high time NFL reconsidered using turfs to protect their players on field. “In this sport, we have enough contact injuries, so we should eliminate as many non-contact injuries as we can. That’s my belief on it. I’m hoping to one day have the league be all grass fields. Until we get there, we’ll keep fighting for it.”

We can see the Jets’ defensive tackle is seriously up against the authorities for changing the turf culture in NFL to protect players like him. So stay tuned as compelling days are ahead of us. We will be waiting to see how NFL reacts to this. 



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