“Some Kind of Dirty Game”: Ex-champ Francis Ngannou reveals dark side of UFC contract negotiations

There’s always more to the story, even when everyone believes they already know everything about the Francis Ngannou UFC contract controversy. Yesterday, The Predator revealed some additional previously unrevealed reasons behind leaving the UFC.

After eight years, the Cameroonian-French fighter left the top MMA organization in the world in January after contract negotiations fell through. However, the heavyweight kingpin initially claimed that an incapacity to pursue his boxing dream and other monetary security were the only reasons he would not extend his contract with Dana White’s organization. 

Francis Ngannou finally revealed the dark side of the UFC 

Everyone in the MMA world is aware of the long-running animosity between Francis and Dana. After The Predator’s ground-breaking new deal with the Professional Fighters League, Dana fanned the flames once again.

The former UFC heavyweight champion recently decided to speak out about his failed UFC contract negotiations in an appearance with the Dan Le Batard Show. Everyone was greatly shocked by the new information. 

“What I was asking for, at first, was can I have a fight, because I had an eight-fight contract, and I wanted to fulfill that contract, but they wouldn’t allow me [to] since I wasn’t going to sign another contract because they know that if I fulfill that contract, I’m automatically free,” Ngannou said. 

After much doubt and suspense over the past four months, Ngannou finally made the momentous announcement last week that he had signed a contract with the Professional Fighters League. Francis can talk about the UFC in any manner he wants now that he has a new contract without worrying about his reputation. 

“They used some kind of dirty game there — freeze me out. They knew how much I was getting per fight. It wasn’t much at all, [a] few pennies. They knew I couldn’t make a living out of it so I had to come back and accept that contract.” Ngannou added. 

PFL CEO on the Historic MMA Deal 

Recently, Donn Davis, the head of PFL, also spoke about the Ngannou contract to clarify several points. The deal, in Davis’ opinion, was a significant one for mixed martial arts. With all due respect to UFC, PFL CEO pointed out that the deal benefits the entire MMA community in many ways, not just his company or Francis as a fighter.

“This deal was really about everything OTHER than money. Being chairman of PFL Africa, guarantee opponent pay, min. $1 million. The money we offered him was the same money the UFC were offering him.” Donn said.

What is your take on the Francis Ngannou deal with the P.F.L.? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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