Stephen A. Smith slams Aaron Rodgers’ interest in “making headlines” following his emergence from darkness retreat

Stephen A. Smith is one of those who is not afraid to speak his mind. Over the years, he has bashed many players across sports and does not plan to stop anytime soon. Whenever the man notices any player going over the edge with their words, he does not mind giving them some of their own medicine back with his version of the truth. This time it is Aaron Rodgers!

Since joining the McAfee Show, the quarterback has not been able to win any “post-season” games, according to the media personality. On the other hand, Aaron always brags about his game and how he won the MVP award in the past.

So, Stephen A. Smith has “no interest in seeing Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show because Aaron Rodgers just keeps talking, talking, talking, instead of winning, winning, winning.”

aaron rodgers
Aaron Rodgers is unable to win games.

Why is Stephen A. Smith taking a jab at Aaron Rodgers?

Rodgers is not taking his game seriously after his appearance on the famous Pat McAfee Show. In contrast, other quarterbacks constantly try to improve their game, build connections and cooperate with their offensive players to win games. 

Take Patrick Mahomes for an example. In his short career, the young quarterback has won two Super Bowls thanks to his nonstop efforts both in and out of the field. Even now, Mahomes is giving his best in practice sessions just ten days after he won his second title

On the other hand, Patrick has also developed a strong bond with tight end Travis Kelce, so the two can score touchdowns at will. Does Rodgers have such a bond with any player? Smith certainly does not believe so. 

Rather, while speaking about the veteran quarterback, Stephen said, “Aaron Rodgers seems more committed to making headlines at this point in his career than he is to winning.”

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