Boxing legend Mike Tyson feels ‘honored’ for Tyson Fury’s dad to name his son after him

Athletes don’t always become legendary through their performance in whatever field they might perform in. There are many who transcend their sports to become influential figures for people across all walks of life. Mike Tyson is such an athlete who not only managed to impress everyone inside the ring but became a household name through his antics.

For anyone wondering, current WBC Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury gets his name from ‘Iron’ Mike himself. Former professional boxer. John Fury was aware of Tyson’s feats inside the ring so he didn’t hesitate to name his older son after the heavyweight. The two former boxers recently came across each other in Saudi Arabia.

John describes the naming incident as “It was 1988, Mike Tyson was in his pomp as world heavyweight champion, and so I said, ‘Let’s call him Tyson. The doctors just looked at me and smiled.”

Showing admiration for the Heavyweight he said, “Here he is, my main man. This is him, the man who I named my son after. Best heavyweight of his era, best young man ever born. Michael Tyson.” Mike responded, “Your son has taken the title to the next level,” which was immediately followed up by Fury stating, “He will not let your name down Michael.”

The OG Tyson admitted, “Thank you and I appreciate that. I didn’t want to say it in public but I’m honored. Thank you, really.”

How did Mike Tyson and John Fury meet?

Both former boxers are currently in Saudi Arabia for the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury match. With only around 1 more day to go before the highly-anticipated bout takes place, many enthusiasts are gathering. This fight can make or break the careers of both fighters but particularly for Tommy, this fight is extremely crucial.

Who will you be supporting in the Paul vs Fury bout?


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