Suns’ Kevin Durant defends controversial Grizzlies star Dillon Brooks saying “I can respect that he’s bringing that energy to the game”

The NBA has seen a handful of infamous characters every year, but Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks has become one of the most hated athletes this season after his antics on the court in game after game.

He gained notoriety mostly for his action during plays, as he has racked up 18 technical fouls this year, the most in the league. Furthermore, his attitude and swaggering appearances caused a negative reaction in the NBA community.

However, against all odds, Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant gave his support to Dillon, and on top of that, he enjoys his behavior.

What did Kevin Durant say about Dillon Brooks?

The Suns forward might be one of those few people who actually get entertained by the 27-year-old’s antics. In a recent interview with the Boardroom Podcast, Kevin expressed his feelings watching the Grizzlies star play.

“Yeah, sometimes he takes it too far, but it’s just a part of the role he has to play for his team. We’ve seen so many players in the history of the game that we all love for doing the same stuff,” the two-time NBA champion said.

“Yeah, sometimes he talks a little s**t to me, and I’m like, ‘Yo, just chill tonight.’ But I can respect that he’s bringing that energy to the game every time he plays. It’s not no front with him,” the 34-year-old added.

Durant has the experience of taking the heavy criticism from the fans, media, and analysts, and he knows the struggle of going through all this negativity on a daily basis. Maybe from this point on, he felt to reason with the attitude coming from the 6.6-footer.

However, it is weird enough to stand by Brooks when KD’s former teammate, Draymond Green, is the No. 1 target of the Grizzlies star. Moreover, the 13-time all-star is himself one of the ones raising a voice against such targeted hatred, but he has reasons not to hate it.

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