Suns’ Kevin Durant slaps Charles Barkley’s “sensitive” comment with “I’ll never respect the words that come out ya mouth” jab

The drama between Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley is continuing, as the latter kept commenting and labeling the former, and the Phoenix Suns star can’t help but respond to his criticism in every situation.

The Sunday night saw another round of Barkley-Durant hot-word exchange as Charles called Kevin ‘sensitive’ in an interview. Their row prolongs back many days as the NBA analyst tries to look down upon the Suns forward at every chance he gets.

The two-time NBA champion does not seem to be backing down from his hater as he slams Sir Charles on social media after his recent comment.

What did Kevin Durant say to Charles Barkley?

The 11-time all-star appeared in an interview and started throwing stones at the 34-year-old and said, “He’s very sensitive. Great player. He’s part of that generation that thinks it can’t be criticized. He’s never looked in the mirror and said, ‘Man, is that a fair criticism?'”

After a couple of hours, KD shared the clip on Twitter, and wrote, “This ain’t gettin tiring chuck? I’ll never respect the words that come out of your mouth, family, just deal with it.”

This isn’t the first time, Chuck went after the two-time NBA finals MVP; previously, Kevin was blamed for having a lack of leadership traits and compared to a bus rider who changes routes frequently. The Suns forward also jabbed him on that occasion with words.

It seems the 60-year-old analyst has become “Skip Bayless of LeBron James” to Durant as he never mentioned any positive regard for the 13-time all-star. But unlike James, Durantula kept feeding the need to criticize him, and that only invites more criticism.

The only thing Durant can do is prove Barkley wrong on the court, as they are both now part of Sun’s family. The two times all-star game MVP can shut his nemesis’ mouth off by winning a championship with the Suns, something the former forward never did in his career.

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