“Disrespecting my game is a part of the storyline” Suns Kevin Durant lifts lid on Charles Barkley’s bias towards him following ‘Bus Driver, Bus Rider’ analogy

According to Kevin Durant, there’s a notable distinction between Charles Barkley’s on-court and off-court personas. While Barkley’s frank commentary is often necessary, his criticism of top NBA players can ignite controversy.

During the offseason, Barkley argued that Durant must win without the Golden State Warriors, as Kobe Bryant won without Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James won without Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Barkley believed that since the Warriors had already secured a championship before Durant joined them, he needed to win with the Brooklyn Nets after departing from Golden State with two titles.

Barkley used an analogy to explain his position, stating that Durant was previously a passenger on a championship-winning bus, but now he must become a bus driver to earn a title on his own.

While Durant is presently aiming to secure a championship for the Phoenix Suns, he recently offered his thoughts on “The Etcs” episode on Boardroom.TV regarding Barkley’s remarks: “It just looks corny on his part. Like, you’re a legend in the game. We respect what you’ve done, and, like, when you start trying to tear people apart for what they did in different ways and tryin’ to basically bully people because you’re in the media, it’s just corny to me. But it is what it is. It’s a part of the storyline.”And he’s a f****ng legend that I got nothing but respect for, and when I look up, I’m gonna play with pride knowing that he put blood sweat and tears into this organization, so that ain’t got nothing to do with how he is as an analyst though.”

Barkley’s comments about Durant created a lively discussion within the NBA community. While some agreed with Barkley’s stance, given that Durant had left the OKC Thunder in 2016 after losing a 3-1 lead to the Warriors, others believed that Durant’s championships spoke for themselves and that he did not require validation.

During a June episode of ESPN’s “Get Up,” Barkley elaborated on his “bus driver” analogy, which sparked further debate.

Is Kevin Durant available to play?

The Phoenix Suns’ star player, Kevin Durant, has missed recent games because of a sprained ankle. Fans anxiously await the news of Durant’s return to the floor as the Phoenix Suns fight to hold onto their spot as the fourth seed in the Western Conference.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is not playing tonight, though, per the most recent injury report. He is currently being evaluated, and it will likely take a few more days to determine the full degree of his condition.
Landry Shamet is still out of the Suns’ starting lineup, while Torrey Craig is listed as probable. On the other side, Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton, and Devin Booker are all anticipated to participate because of their good health.

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