Super Bowl LVII champion Travis Kelce denies being TE GOAT of NFL stating “I can’t say I’m the best”

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, who just assisted in his team’s win in Super Bowl LVII, appears to disagree with the claim that he is the TE GOAT in the NFL, as evidenced by a recent video.

The #87 cemented his legacy with 814 receptions for 10,344 yards and 69 touchdowns in 143 games and has been named the Pro Bowl player every year since 2015. The future Hall of Famer holds five NFL records, won Super Bowl LIV, and has been either All-Pro’s first team ( 4 times)  or the second team (3 times) since 2016. 

Travis Kelce, an All-Pro tight end, was recently seen responding to some interesting questions posed to him by a woman in a video that was published by TMZ Sports. One of the questions asked whether or not he had ever considered pursuing a career in acting as many comedians and internet users had praised his acting abilities.

Does Travis Kelce consider himself the TE GOAT of the NFL?

The veteran tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs responded by saying, he doesn’t know whether he owns the talent, while also implicating, he was just enjoying the moments and didn’t think about acting because athletes are not fond of transitions.

Afterward, the lady informed him of the “post-Super Bowl” reactions of football enthusiasts— many considered Travis to be the best tight end of all time, and she goes on to ask him whether he thinks himself to be the GOAT. The Chiefs’ player shot back, saying he can’t possibly be the best tight end of all time with so many talented TE in the scene. Trevis Kelce, who is 33 years old, also mentioned his connection with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs— a team just coming off a Super Bowl victory — ensured his constantly building success which he is simply taking advantage of.

Travis Kelce

The Chiefs’ key cog blessed the team with some incredible wins where either he led or was second on each of the teams in receiving yards.

Over time, ace players like Giants’ Darren Waller, Shannon Sharpe,  and Chiefs’ Christian Okoye predicted that Travis would attain the GOAT title, passing TE legends like Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Shannon Sharpe, Kellen Winslow Sr., and Rob Gronkowski.

Although some fans and analysts may argue that Kelce deserves the title of the TE GOAT, the Super Bowl champion remained modest in his approach to the game and focused on doing whatever it took to help his team win rather than personal accolades or recognition.

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