Tammy Sytch husband: who was Sunny’s deceased partner Chris Candido?

Wrestling star Tammy Sytch was AOL’s most downloaded lady in 1996. She co-founded the WWF Bodydonnas with her husband Chris Candido, who, along with wrestling, took an interest in health and playfully mocked the crowd about their appearance.

Speculation about Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch (Sunny)’s alleged adultery and drug usage has persisted. After fracturing his leg during a TNA performance, her husband died from a blood clot and surgical complications.

Who was Tammy Sytch’s husband Chris Candido?

As a young boy from New Jersey, Tammy Stych’s husband first got his start in the wrestling business in 1986 by building up rings. Candido began his wrestling career when he was fourteen years old, having trained at Larry Sharpe’s Monster Factory.

Candido caught Jim Cornette’s eye in 1993 when he joined the pre-Extreme ECW stable of The Suicide Blondes. They started dating when she was seventeen years old, and Candido used the WWE name Sunny to introduce her. They remained a couple for sixteen years.

Tammy Sytch husband
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As he made his way from the “Eastern Kids Wrestling Federation” to WrestleMania, Chris Candido saw both success and tragedy. The late 1990s romance between Sunny and Shawn Michaels, as well as Bret Hart’s friendship, were available in detail in the wrestling industry. When Michaels accused Hart of having an affair with Sytch in a mid-1997 Raw program, it ratcheted up the animosity between the two men in real life.

Then he witnessed a decline in his WWE career as Sunny’s star skyrocketed. The couple’s problems, such as drug abuse and misconduct ultimately led to their breakup. Candido was 33 years old when he got sick on April 28, 2005, and died from pneumonia the next day.

What happened to Chris Candido?

Chris Candido used to be the embodiment of success, having risen through the ranks of WWE and ECW while married to the diva Sunny of WWE. Still, a tumultuous marriage and struggles with addiction threw life for a loop.

It seems like Candido was about to make a wrestling return after he beat his addiction in 2005 when he signed with TNA. Tragically, he shattered his leg during Lockdown 2005 while working with top talents. He was still active in stories with TNA up until his tragic demise, despite facing obstacles.

Tammy Sytch husband
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Candido succumbed to severe pneumonia while recuperating from leg surgery at the age of 33. He was inducted into the Hardcore Hall of Fame in 2009 and was recognized by TNA.

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