Taylor Swift at Super Bowl: why doesn’t the popstar perform in halftime show? 

The Super Bowl halftime show is a crucial part of the event. It is as important as the main game, considering the halftime show performance last year garnered more views than the game itself. Considering the anticipation of the halftime show, the organization always brings global stars to perform. 

This year, the league had the chance to bring Taylor Swift, the biggest pop star in the world right now,. But still, Taylor Swift will not perform in the HT show, and if you are wondering the reason, here is everything you need to know.

Why does Taylor Swift not perform at Super Bowl halftime show?

Taylor Swift has never performed in any Super Bowl halftime show, which is quite shocking considering the popularity of the Karma Singer. However, there was a valid reason for it. 

Taylor Swift has a long-term partnership with Coca-Cola, which is the rival brand of Pepsi, the sponsor of Super Bowl Halftime. This is the main reason why Taylor Swift, despite being offered multiple times, declined the opportunity to perform at one of the biggest football events.

In 2022, Apple Music became the sponsor of the Halftime show, which removed the rivalry block between Taylor Swift and the HT show. Reports emerged a few months ago, before she started dating Travis Kelce, that she had been offered to perform at the halftime show of Super Bowl LVIII. But still, the Karma singer denied the offer.

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This time it wasn’t because of sponsors but because of her busy schedule. Even if you are not a Swiftie, you might be aware of the back-to-back releases Taylor Swift is making for her fans. 

She has a very busy schedule as she is currently doing an Eras tour, her world tour. In October 2022, she released her album, Midnights, which won her multiple Grammy awards. She is also re-recording her first six albums, of which she has already released four and working on the next two.

Above all, the Karma Singer has recently announced that she will release a brand new album in April named “The Tortured Poets Department.”

So, the reason Taylor Swift is unable to perform at the halftime show must be her busy schedule, which includes her world tour, re-recording albums, and releasing a brand new album. 

Will Justin Bieber join Usher for Super Bowl HT show?

While the league couldn’t bring Taylor Swift for the halftime show, they will bring another Grammy-winner, Usher. He is also one of the biggest music icons right now.

However, to make his performance bigger and more iconic, the singer has promised to bring multiple guests during his performance and one of them is reportedly Justin Bieber. 

TMZ reported that Usher is in direct contact with Justin Bieber to bring him on stage during his halftime show performance. 

Justin and Usher have a long history, as they have collaborated on multiple songs and are often seen together. It will not be hard for him to bring Justin Bieber. 

However, it is important to note that Justin hasn’t performed for the last two years. He was in the middle of his world tour when he was diagnosed with a disease that causes facial paralysis and he had to cancel the tour. After two years, he recently performed a song in Toronto, which came as a surprise for everyone. 

Till now, neither Justin nor Usher have talked about the possibility of them collaborating for the HT show performance. But if rumors are true, this year’s HT show can break all the viewership records.

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Aside from Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, the 16-time Grammy winner, will join Usher for the HT show performance. Another important fact about this year’s performance is that it will be the longest Super Bowl halftime show performance, lasting 15 minutes, two minutes longer than past performances.

Make sure you tune in for the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show; you never know which other celebrities Usher might surprise us with.

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