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“Tell me you’re not on the shrooms that was sh*t…”: Fans troll Joe Rogan for his over the top reaction Megalondon Shark CGI video

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has hardly been afraid to express himself or how he feels about almost anything. Some deem him as opinionated, while some see him as an iconic practitioner of freedom of speech. This time around, however, this has him down in the hot water. He was caught off guard by netizens as he applauded the Megalodon Shark CGI video.

The highly acclaimed UFC commentator has a massive follower base due to his unfiltered podcasts. The former ‘Fear Factor host has discussed almost any topic he thinks is interesting, with experts in their respective fields. Matching the vibe of his podcasts, Rogan has always been very outspoken about how he feels regarding a certain issue.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has gained notoriety for questionable actions before, such as interviewing a bruised Sean O’Malley right away after a fight

While a lot of them have gained notoriety for being politically incorrect, a lot have also gained traction for reflecting a different point of view on a certain issue. However, Rogan was never bothered about being labeled as an armchair expert, so to speak. Using this confidence, he heaped loads of praise on a certain animation video.

What did Rogan share?

Rogan shared that aforementioned animation clip, made by a content creator going by the name of Aleksey. The clip entails a Megalodon crashing a ship. Rogan was in such awe of that video that he took it to Instagram stating, “This is f*cking incredible. CGI at its finest!”

YouTube video

And that opened a door for the netizens to come at him with all guns blazing. People lambasted him, raising questions regarding whether he was high off his mind or not. Rogan is very vocal about experimenting with substances on his podcasts, quite often sharing a few clouds of smoke with the attendees as well. Fans insinuated that action.

Netizens went bonkers over Joe Rogan appreciating CGI

Some stated that Rogan was probably high off his mind, otherwise, someone in their right mind would not call this video incredible. Some sardonically asked him to put his joint away, while some asked how high Rogan was, pointing out that this sort of CGI has been around for years.

However, his staunch fans came to his aid. Some of the fans even took this opportunity to take a dig at NASA, implying the moon landing was a hoax once again. Some took a shot at the critics questioning their knowledge about CGI.

YouTube video

Rogan, however, at the end of the day will remain unfazed by all of these. For someone who has opened a private comedy club without filters, Rogan would not really care about these remarks thrown around on social media. And as a matter of fact, he will keep sharing whatever he likes, regardless of how people feel about his opinions.

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