Tennessee Titans Drama: Vrabel’s surprising exit sets stage for Patriots connection and front office overhaul

It shocked everyone in the NFL when the Tennessee Titans announced that head coach Mike Vrabel would be leaving after six years. The franchise has been making a lot of sudden roster changes this season.

Vrabel’s tenure was marked by success, with a 54-45 record and an NFL Coach of the Year award in 2021. The team’s sudden decision has surprised the NFL community, leaving them curious about the reasons behind it.

Titans drop coach Vrabel after trade consideration, fueling speculation

The Tennessee Titans explored the possibility of trading coach Mike Vrabel. However, they decided to let him go because they felt that the trade process “would take too long.” 

The club made an announcement on Tuesday regarding the termination of coach Mike Vrabel. However, the owner of the Tennessee Titans expressed his gratitude to the coach for all of his hard work.

“Earlier today, I spoke with Mike Vrabel and told him about my decision to make a change at head coach,” Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk said in a statement. “I appreciate Mike’s contributions to the Tennessee Titans, both on and off the field.”

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She shared that the team opted for a swift firing instead of risking complications in a trade negotiation.

“Yes, we thought about it, but at the end of the day, with league rules the way they are, it would have maybe put us back three weeks. Honestly, to get the right head coach, I was not willing to go to the back of the line and take a chance of missing out on someone we really wanted,” as per NFL.com

There are concerns surrounding the team’s decision-making and asset management due to the choice to terminate Vrabel instead of considering a trade. Considering the coach’s esteemed reputation throughout the league, the decision could have significant implications for the Tennessee Titans’ coaching staff and their overall strategic trajectory.

Adams Strunk reveals alignment issues with GM Carthon

There were whispers circulating regarding a possible disagreement between head coach Mike Vrabel and first-year GM Ran Carthon. Carthon and Vrabel never directly addressed those rumors, but Adams Strunk has indirectly confirmed them.

He said that the Tennessee Titans want “an aligned and collaborative team across all football functions.” His focus on the importance of a united and cooperative team across all football functions suggests some internal challenges within the organization.

Vrabel expressed a desire to have a stronger voice in personnel decisions, signaling his interest in being more involved in shaping the team’s roster. In contrast to the previous scenario, Vrabel had some say in personnel decisions following Jon Robinson’s dismissal in December 2022.


Adams Strunk did not choose the GM candidate preferred by the coach in the previous year. He reportedly wanted interim GM Ryan Cowden elevated to the full-time role, but the choice differed, leading to potential dissatisfaction.

Carthon, who was absent during Mike Vrabel’s firing, will lead the search for a new head coach. The search involves others, and assistant coaches will be retained until a new coach is appointed, indicating a transitional period. He clarified that the search won’t be driven solely by a player-centric approach but emphasized finding a coach compatible with the 2023 second-round pick, Will Levis.

Adams Strunk has now fired both key figures responsible for the Tennessee Titans’ recent playoff successes. She has gained a reputation for being impulsive, particularly with the team coming off back-to-back losing seasons.

For Mike Vrabel, there are many options in the league, but speculation surrounds the Patriots, who are expressing interest in Vrabel as a potential head coach.

Where does Mike Vrabel’s future lie? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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