Valorant Gun Tier List: Which weapon is the best for you to use in patch 8.0?

With the advent of Episode 8 Act 1, Valorant’s first update for 2024 has finally arrived, and with it, the weapon meta has shifted completely. The new patch has brought myriad new upgrades seeking to bring changes on a more positive side.

Understanding which weapon suits you and your player the most is the most crucial aspect of Valorant. Some guns have always been more meta than others, and here, we have curated a list of the best guns to use in Valorant right now.

Valorant Gun Tier List after patch 8.0

Valorant has 18 weapons and every weapon has its own uniqueness embedded in it. To make certain which gun might suit you the most, we have ranked those 18 guns from best to worst-rated:



For those adept at precision and spray control, the Vandal becomes a go-to rifle on buy rounds, solidifying its top position in our Valorant gun tier list. It’s versatility is a grave concern for the other guns on the battlefield.


With a better fire rate than Vandal without tracers on it, Phantom has proven to please a lot of players. It fits perfectly for the controllers, as they cannot be recognised. But its only downfall is that it doesn’t deal as much damage as the Vandal.


Third on the list is operator. Those who like to play it safe from a distance can choose the game’s premier sniper, delivering the most single-shot damage in the entire game.



The 800 Creds power pistol leaves hefty damage on the enemies’ heads. Its one-shot kill within 30 meters of range can be tempting but it demands a lot of precision and patience.


If you’re looking for a sneaky silent SMG within the range of your pocket, then Spectre is the gun for you at just a price of 1600 Creds.


It’s 15-round magazine can show the enemies the flash of their whole lives in just less than a second. This pistol is best suited for early rounds and duelists at just 500 credits.


Its a recently introduced weapon in the game. It is a lethal double-barrel sniper that boasts of not breaking the zoom when firing. It’s perfect for eco-rounds.



Although the weapon demands a lot of mastery, being a DMR, it can deliver high damage and penetration. It gives you a second chance to shoot but at the cost of some crucial time.


Another sniper in the game is Marshal. With better scope and a cheaper price after the patch, it has proven its worth to the players. But unfortunately, Operator takes all the limelight in the world of snipers.


Judge is a fully automatic shotgun with a hefty price of 1850 credits after Episode 3. It damages well, but with the lack of range, its need is more abstract now.


With a fire rate of 10 rounds, Frenzy is a great pistol for firing full auto. But, with its limited ammo, it can keep you worried.



With a big magazine and good damage, it is a potential Odin. But, since it’s an LMG, it has a big windup for it to reach maximum RPM.


The Bulldog is an underdog rifle with the potential to fight better guns like the Phantom and Vandal. It’s upward kick can be difficult, but once learned, you can vanquish enemies from the battlefield.


The right click in Classic can be damaging. It is free hence underrated but with the right precision and practice, you can reign over the enemies in the initial rounds.


Although best suited for eco rounds for its good short-range damage, it’s low rate of fire can cause you big trouble while fighting against Phantom and Vandal.



With its cheap price, this SMG can be used at closed ranges. But the gun is not the best due to its high fire rate and increase in recoil, which can make it harder to control.


Shorty is not the most suitable sidearm available. It delivers damage in short range but only when you catch the enemies off-guard. A duel will straight up kill you if ever given a chance.


Last on the list is the most deserving gun, Odin. It has decent damage and a 100-round magazine. Hence, it can be pretty useful. But bad control can lead to a more dangerous fight.

What are the new features added to Patch 8.0?

Riot Games, with Episode 8 Act 1, has added a lot of new features with Patch 8.0.

The first major update was the first new gun ever added to the list of weapons, Outlaw, a new sniper rifle. Moreover, a new map rotation has been implemented. Now fans can see Icebox, Lotus, Sunset, Breeze, Ascent, Bind and Split.

A couple of fresh bundles have been added, and Battle Pass items including Fiber Optic, Guardrail and Tactiplay Skinlines are on the new show.

The agent updates for Killjoy and Deadlock show a promising future for the players. Moreover, Valorant will now support third-party spatialization software for headphones.

Patch 8.0 has fixed a bug with the raw Input Buffer where swapped primary/ secondary mouse keys in Windows mouse settings were not being respected.

Have you played Valorant’s latest patch? Make sure to tell us what you liked and what you didn’t.


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