“I would be surprised if Tennessee moved on from Ryan Tannehill”: NFL Insider dismisses rumors of Titans shopping QB

The world of professional football is abuzz with speculation surrounding the future of Tennessee Titans’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill. As the rumor mill churns, NFL insiders are weighing in on the likelihood of the Titans parting ways with Tannehill, who enters the final year of his contract.

Ian Rapoport, a well-known NFL Network national insider, recently offered his insights on The Pat McAfee Show, addressing the swirling speculations and what might be in store for the talented quarterback.

What’s happening with Ryan Tannehill and the Titans?

BostonConnr, one of the show’s hosts, inquired about the Titans’ intentions for Tannehill and the possibility of a post-June 1 cut to distribute the dead money evenly.

Speaking from the green room of the 2023 NFL draft in Kansas City, Rapoport expressed his doubts about the Titans severing ties with Tannehill, given that they could have done so earlier. Rapoport emphasized the importance of having a concrete plan in place before cutting ties with a quarterback.

“I would be surprised at this point if they moved on from Ryan Tannehill, mainly because they could have done it already. You know, and if you’re going to move on from your quarterback, you better have an answer, right?” Rapoport said.

Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill signed a four-year, $118 million extension in 2020 with the Tennessee Titans, but recent reports suggest the team may be open to trading him. The 36-million-dollar cap hit associated with a potential deal raises questions about Tannehill’s future, as does his recovery from an ankle injury sustained in Week 7 last season.

However, Rapoport denies rumors of Tannehill being traded, as the Titans are reluctant to part ways with with the quarterback without having a solid successor in place or a strong draft pick.

In the end, their strategy may very well involve retaining Tannehill and focusing on strengthening other areas of the team to enhance their overall performance.


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