“He’s so stupid lol”: Fans troll Joe Joyce after he imposes rematch clause vs Zhilei Zhang

British heavyweight boxer Joe Joyce recently activated his rematch clause against Chinese boxer Zhilei Zhang following his sixth round knockout defeat. The decision to trigger the rematch clause has sparked a lot of debate among boxing fans, with some questioning the wisdom of the move.

Joe Joyce activated his rematch clause

Rematch clauses are a common occurrence in boxing, especially in high-profile fights between top-ranked fighters. The clause allows the loser of the first fight to have a chance to avenge their loss by fighting the winner again. In this case, Joyce was victorious in their first fight, and Zhang will now have a chance to even the score.

Joyce’s decision to activate the rematch clause was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some believe that it’s a smart move since Zhang is a formidable opponent, and Joyce shouldn’t underestimate him. Others, however, think that it’s a risky decision that could backfire on Joyce.

They argue that Zhang is not on the same level as Joyce, and there are better options for Joyce to pursue, such as a fight against Tyson Fury. Some can not even wrap their heads around a rematch in the first place.


Zhang, on the other hand, has expressed his excitement about the rematch. In an interview, Zhang stated that he was “ready to go again” and that he was “confident” he could beat Joyce this time around. Zhang also talked about the areas he needed to improve on, such as his conditioning and his footwork.

However, Zhang wants to take his time. The Chinese boxer wants a shot at Oleksandr Usyk first.

Zhang’s confidence is not misplaced, as he is a skilled fighter with an impressive record. ‘Big Bang’ is undefeated in 22 fights, with 17 of those wins coming by way of knockout. Zhang is also a former Olympian and has fought in some of the top boxing promotions, including Top Rank and Matchroom Boxing.

Fans took a dig at Joyce for the rematch decision

Due to Zhang’s impressive record and victory last time, some fans are still skeptical of Joyce’s decision to activate the rematch clause. They argue that Joyce should be focusing on bigger fights, such as one against Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder, instead of taking a risk with a fighter who is not in the same league as him. However, Joyce seems to be unfazed by the criticism and is determined to face Zhang again.




Joyce’s decision to activate the rematch clause against Zhilei Zhang has sparked a lot of debate among boxing fans. While some think it’s a smart move, others believe that Joyce should be focusing on bigger fights. Zhang, on the other hand, is confident he can beat Joyce this time around, and fans can expect an exciting rematch between these two skilled heavyweights.


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