Devin Haney claims after knocking out Vasiliy Lomachenko he “should be No. 1” on pound-four-pound rankings

Devin Haney, the American professional boxer, believes that he should be ranked as the number one pound-for-pound (P4P) fighter in the world. Haney made the claim before his anticipated bout against Ukrainian boxing veteran Vasyl Lomachenko.

Devin Haney has a fight date against Lomachenko

Haney’s match against Lomachenko can be a significant moment in his career, He will take on one of the most dominant boxers in recent times. Lomachenko, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, is considered one of the top P4P fighters in the world and held multiple world titles in different weight classes.

The fight between Haney and Lomachenko will definitely be a close one. Prior to this bout, Haney ended up defeating Kambosos Jr. twice to take all four gems and set up a big showdown with Ukraine’s Lomachenko in Las Vegas. The 35-year-old last time beat Jamaine Ortiz and stared at Haney in the ring.

However, the pair will eventually mate in the gloves over the next few weeks, The winner will be touted for a big fight with Gervonta Davis.

Haney’s bout against Vasyl Lomachenko will definitely be monumental. In his career, he has demonstrated his stupendous skills as a boxer. Haney’s belief that he deserves to be ranked as the number one P4P fighter in the world is a bold claim.

However, this dream have the potential to achieve. And this belief will surely take him a long way. Then again, Haney still has a long way to go. The American will need to continue to face top-ranked fighters. Not only that, he will have to prove that he truly deserves to be considered the best in the world. Having said that knocking Lomachenko out can solidify his claim. 

Haney proclaims he can be numero uno

Before the fight, Haney expressed his belief that he deserved to be ranked as the number one P4P fighter in the world. Haney stated that he had beaten the best fighters in the world, and this time around, if he manages to knock Lomachenko out then he will be the future of the sport.

“After this fight, the world will give me my just due and I will be high on the pound-for-pound list. I should be No. 1,” proclaimed Haney.

Haney’s confidence is not unfounded. He has an impressive record, with 29 wins and no losses. Haney also holds a staggering record of 15 knockout wins. The Californian boxer holds the WBC lightweight title since 2019, making him one of the top fighters in his weight class.

Haney has a unique style of boxing. He combines speed and power with excellent footwork and defense. He rightfully has claimed, “The Haney era is definitely around the corner. It’s starting May 20. We’re going to keep beating these guys one by one – line them up.”

However, some boxing fans and experts may argue that Haney still has a long way to go before he can be considered the number one P4P fighter in the world. Haney has yet to fight against other top-ranked fighters in his weight class, such as Teofimo Lopez, Gervonta Davis, or Ryan Garcia.

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