“That’s absolutely ridiculous”: MMA star Sean O’Malley slams outrageous demands of UFC champ Israel Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend

Sean O’Malley, the American mixed martial artist, recently shared his thoughts on the claims made by ex-girlfriend of Israel Adesanya. Adesanya, a Nigerian-New Zealand professional mixed martial artist, who currently competes in the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has been under scrutiny for the past few weeks. Despite being a recluse in personal life, Adesanya has made things very public. The UFC middleweight champion has involved himself in a bitter online spat with his ex.

Sean O’Malley hits back at ex-girlfriend of Israel Adesanya

In his podcast, Sean O’Malley offered his two cents on the matter. O’Malley was quick to condemn the ex-girlfriend’s actions, calling them “crazy.” According to O’Malley, Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend’s accusations were unfounded. ‘Sugar’ claimed that she had no right to demand half of Adesanya’s earnings.

“She’s out of her mind,” O’Malley said. “Them b*****s get crazy sometimes. I don’t think she has any grounds to demand half of his earnings. That’s just ridiculous.”

What is the issue between Adesanya and his ex?

Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell, made headlines a few weeks ago after Adesanya exposed her online in a scathing series of Instagram posts. In another Instagram story, Adesanya has mentioned that Charlotte has tried to victimize herself and even tried to manipulate him. Moreover, he alleges that she threatened to affect his deals with PUMA and other brands.

O’Malley, who is known for his outspoken nature, did not hold back in expressing his opinion on the matter. According to him, Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend was simply seeking attention and trying to tarnish Adesanya’s reputation.

“It’s just attention-seeking behavior,” O’Malley said. The bantamweight came into his fellow UFC fighter’s aid. Powdrell is trying to ruin Adesanya’s reputation, as the American believes. O’Malley can not stand by her actions as she is trying to make herself look like a victim.

Despite O’Malley’s strong words, the matter remains unresolved. As of now, it is unclear what, if any, action will be taken against Adesanya or his ex. The UFC has not commented on the matter. It remains to be seen whether Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend will take any legal action against him.

O’Malley has made it clear that he does not believe Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend has any grounds to demand half of his earnings or make accusations against him. While the matter is still ongoing, it is clear that the UFC community is divided on the issue. Furthermore, people are still in the dark about what actually happened. Due to Adesanya’s pretty secret personal life, fans don’t really know what triggered Adesanya to this extent. However, some are siding with Adesanya and others believing his ex-girlfriend’s allegations. Only time will tell what the outcome of this situation will be.

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