“The pace is just not there”: Sergio Perez shifts focus to personal improvement amidst Max Verstappen dominance

For any athlete, holding their peak form consistently for a long time is a major challenge. Sergio Perez now struggles to keep up with his strong peer Max Verstappen, as he desperately seeks his 2020 Sakhir GP form. 

Even though, Sergio Perez started the 23 season with 2 race wins out of the first four races. He fell off the wagon by the time the next four races came on. Struggling to finish in the top 5, not being able to qualify for Q3 etc are some of the disappointing highlights of Perez’s performances

Sergio Perez sets sights on regaining form

Checo, 33 has incredible stats and records to his name. However, the only Mexican driver on the grid has not been able to shake off his disheartening performance for the past four races. 

Sergio Perez is very much self-aware as he stated, “Right now, I am more concerned about my drop in performance than my place in the championship because the pace is just not there.” Sergio Perez Blames 'Poor' Red Bull for His Dismal Performances as Daniel Ricciardo Replacement Haunts His Career - The SportsRush

The most important point to note over here is the fact that both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are in exact ditto machinery. Naturally, it will cause a dip in motivation and performance when you see your teammate securing race wins in the exact same car while you are struggling to secure a points finish. 

This puts Checo’s future at stake with rumors flooding in about a possible return of Daniel Riccardo back to his home team. Daniel Riccardo is currently a reserve driver for Red Bull Racing and he seems to be having the time of his life there. 

Sergio Perez’s place in the point table of 2023?

After eight races, Sergio Perez currently stands in second place with 126 points against Max Verstappen’s 195 points. Alonso is not that far back as he is at 117 points himself. 

Last year in the 2022 season, Sergio Perez finished third behind Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen at a mere 305 points. Granted, Red Bull wants to increase the number of championships under Max but that does not mean they will turn a blind eye to Checo’s poor performance. 

Sergio’s future hangs in the balance and he seems to be walking on eggshells. Horner has sacked Albon, and Gasly in the past mid-season due to their poor performances. Hence Perez needs to up his game and regain his confidence or else he could be the last Mexican driver to race in Formula One for a very long time. 

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