“This guy for real can’t box lol”: Fans mock former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate after new training video emerges

Former kickboxing champion, Andrew Tate is back in the game, or at least trying to be. Tate, aka ‘Cobra,’ has recently been spotted practicing mixed martial arts with his old mentor and father figure, Amir Subasic, after being released from jail on accusations of human trafficking and money laundering in Romania. While under house arrest, Tate is attempting to get back in shape and reconnect with his combat sports roots.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate with his Training Video Sparks Controversy Among Fans: Are His Skills Up to Par?

Tate, who has an impressive record of over 75 victories as a professional kickboxer, has faced criticism from fans. In this case, it looks like Andrew Tate’s recent training video has caused quite a stir. Social media was quickly used by fans to express their opinions about Tate’s boxing abilities (or lack thereof), with some even making fun of his boxing prowess. In the video, Tate is seen hitting pads with his old coach Amir Subasic, to who he attributes his kickboxing prowess. Subasic has trained several well-known fighters, including Nicola Barke, Big Polski, Giannis Skordilis, and of course, Andrew Tate.

Tate’s remarkable record reflects his dedication, perseverance, and expertise as a kickboxer. In world-renowned kickboxing competitions like Glory. He may not have won the title of champion, nevertheless, his knockout and technical knockout victories speak volumes about his skill and strength in the ring. But Tate’s journey is far from over. He appears to be attempting to remain positive and return to combat sports, which he loves.


The Return of the Cobra: Tate’s Quest for Redemption in Combat Sports

Reconnecting with his old mentor and father figure, Amir Subasic is just the beginning. Tate is working pretty hard to improve upon his talents and get back in shape. And it seems like the King Cobra is off to a good start. In the training video, Tate appears to be in fantastic form despite being away from the sport for years. In light of this, it should be noted that combat sports are not for the timid, and Andrew Tate is no stranger to the rigors and pressures of the fight game.

Tate’s commitment to his profession and his determination to push himself to the edge cannot be overlooked, despite the criticism and skepticism from certain followers. As he continues to train under the watchful eye of his mentor and father figure, Amir Subasic, the King Cobra may just surprise his detractors with his next move. One thing is certain. Andrew Tate will not be the one backing down from a challenge, whether it be in the ring or the octagon. Nobody knows what Tate’s future contains, but one thing is for sure, he has not finished yet.

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