Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bündchen detailed her ex-husband’s encouragement to her incredible decision years before their divorce

Gisele Bündchen, widely known for her independent spirit and strength, has always seemingly followed her own path, irrespective of societal expectations. While she pretends to wish the best for everyone, she remains unafraid to embrace choices that may be considered unconventional.

Even during her marriage to Tom Brady, she found unwavering support from her ex-husband, as she shared after her divorce. Which really speaks volumes about her as a person considering she didn’t hesitate to leave Tom behind.

Tom Brady supported Gisele Bündchen in giving birth to Vivian

In her book, “Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life,” Gisele opened up about the remarkable support she received from Tom Brady during significant moments in her life. The memoir highlighted a specific incident that showcases their unwavering bond before their divorce

Gisele shared her decision to have a home birth in a tub for their second child, Vivian. Previously, she had also chosen a home birth for Benjamin, their first child. However, during Vivian’s birth, she decided to purchase and install a birthing tub. Gisele goes into detail about the intricacies of home birth and offers advice to new mothers.

Tom Brady

Additionally, she expressed her gratitude for Brady’s involvement, stating, “Tom was in the tub with me, and my mom, Deborah, Mayra, and my sister Fafi were also in the room. I’m so happy that I was awake and conscious when I gave birth to both my children.” Gisele exudes joy, both in the birthing experience itself and in her decision to have children.

How many kids does Brady have with Gisele Bundchen?

The couple shares two beautiful children. Their first child, Benjamin Rein, was born in December 2009. Later, they welcomed a daughter, Vivian Lake, into their family.

Even after their divorce, Gisele remains actively involved in providing a nurturing and ordinary life for their children. She takes them on incredible vacations and visits her own native country with them, ensuring they have memorable experiences.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s relationship has long captivated the public’s attention. Through Gisele’s memoir, we gain further insight into their extraordinary bond and the unwavering support they provided each other. 

Despite their eventual divorce, their story serves as a reminder that true partnership goes beyond the confines of matrimony. Brady’s encouragement and involvement in Gisele’s life-altering decisions, exemplify their shared commitment to each other’s growth and happiness.

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