Ex-boxing World Champ Deontay Wilder displays interest in entering the PFL MMA next after Jake Paul, Francis Ngannou

Rumors suggest Francis Ngannou got very close to agreeing to a contract with Deontay Wilder to kick off his boxing career earlier when he was a free agent. Recently, Wilder has taken the conversation a step further by implying his possibility to get into PFL. 

Wilder recently during an interview with the PFL broadcast team during the PFL 4 on Thursday in Atlanta’s Overtime Elite Arena offered Ngannou a deal. This gives Deontay a chance to join the PFL, just as Ngannou is now free to box. 

“Aye Francis, if you listening, we discussed this before. And hey, we got many space and opportunity to discuss it once more. I’m looking for a two-fight crossing over.” Wilder says. 

Deontay Wilder expresses interest in a two-fight agreement with Francis Ngannou

Ngannou will make his professional combat sports comeback around 2024, according to the historic agreement he signed with Professional Fighters League. During his UFC days, he wasn’t allowed to fight other than UFC-authorized and organized bouts but now he can explore the world of boxing as well.

The Predator has now received a substantial offer from Deontay, which the PFL superstar would find rather alluring. The former WBC champion Wilder has once again expressed interest in confronting the former UFC heavyweight, in a massive matchup. 

In a recent interview, The Bronze Bomber expressed his desire to enter into a two-fight contract with the former UFC heavyweight champion. According to Deontay, they compete in one mixed martial arts match and one boxing match to set things right for both him and Francis.

Francis Ngannou claimed his PFL opponents to get $2million base salary fighting him

During his contact negotiation period, Francis claimed to be fighting for not just better rights for himself but for his opponents as well. Sure Ngannou would receive good upfront pay and a share of the PPV, but whoever steps into the ring/octagon would get a solid deal regardless of the number of eyes he brings in.

The heavyweight fighter already made the pact not just about him; rather he also guaranteed that his opponents will receive a minimum of $2 million in base compensation for taking on him.

Who do you predict will win the boxing and mixed martial arts matches between Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder? In the comment section, please share your predictions.

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