“He would be shredded in UFC”: Joe Rogan once predicted NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s performance in the world of MMA

Joe Rogan seems to derive great pleasure from exploring potential crossovers within the domain of combat sports. With his extensive knowledge of fighting and martial arts background, he consistently presents captivating scenarios.

Recently, the 55-year-old provocatively proposed a hypothetical collision, merging the worlds of MMA and boxing, featuring the UFC superstar Jon Jones and the boxing legend Tyson Fury.

In his trademark manner, the renowned podcaster dismissed any notion of an even match, boldly asserting that the current WBC heavyweight champion would be no match for the legendary “Jonny Bones.”

This controversial proclamation quickly reached Fury’s ears, prompting him to retaliate against Rogan with unwavering passion and cutting remarks.

Joe Rogan thinks Shaquille O’Neal is too heavy for UFC

However, this is not the first time Joe Rogan has entertained unconventional matchups. Years ago, he even pondered the idea of former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal stepping into the MMA octagon.

Yet, amidst all the speculation, Rogan emphasized the primary challenge that would inevitably hinder this idea from becoming a reality.

During a 2018 episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” he raised the intriguing concept of witnessing Shaq’s formidable presence in the MMA octagon. In the midst of this discussion, he astutely pointed out a major concern he had with the UFC, stating, “It’s somewhat strange that the UFC has a weight limit.”

Shaquille O’Neal

Delving deeper into the topic, the UFC commentator proceeded to explore the NBA giant’s imposing measurements. With Shaq towering at 7’1″ and weighing in at 325 lbs, Joe examined the heaviest division in the UFC, the heavyweight class, which encompasses fighters weighing 265 lbs and above.

In light of this, Rogan emphatically stated, “A guy like that could never fight in the UFC. He probably can’t make 265 lbs… If he did he’d be shredded.”

Joe Rogan feels tiny next to Shaquille O’Neal

During a discussion on The Joe Rogan Experience, the topic of Shaquille O’Neal, the 7’1″ NBA legend, came up. Alongside his remarkable skills on the basketball court, the former 4-time NBA champion is well-known for his imposing physique.

Rogan contemplated what would occur if the former Los Angeles Lakers player ever stepped into the MMA cage, considering the size differential between him and potential opponents.

When Joe and his guest, Andrew Santino, learned that Shaquille O’Neal weighed around 330 pounds, they were utterly astonished. The human body has a specific height-to-weight ratio, and most MMA enthusiasts are well aware of the immense effort fighters put into cutting weight.

It’s common to see fighters appearing dehydrated and exhausted as they step onto the scale.

It’s worth noting that O’Neal had previously dabbled in the realm of combat sports by participating in WWE back in 2009. He faced off against the formidable Big Show during his appearance at the 32nd Wrestlemania and took part in the Battle Royale.

However, the considerations and restrictions imposed by weight classes in the UFC presented an entirely different challenge.

Shaquille O'Neal

While the idea of witnessing Shaq in the UFC was rather intriguing, it ultimately remained confined to the realm of hypothetical conversations.

Would you like to see Shaq inside the UFC? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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