Brushing over Tom Brady, Skip Bayless once stirs controversy by ranking Michael Jordan above NFL icon on his all-time Mt. Rushmore of sports

The popular sports analyst Skip Bayless is known for his unfiltered personality as well as wearing heart at his sleeves and he never did shy away from stirring controversy with his provocative takes regarding the sports legend.

Despite taking jabs at athletes, Bayless is known widely for supporting the retired NFL GOAT Tom Brady to the next extent as he even once took a sly dig at his former co-host Shannon Sharpe for hailing the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers legendary quarterback.

Skip Bayless ranked Tom Brady under Michael Jordan

The UNDISPUTED shows co-host’s unconditional love for Brady is known to all NFL lovers, hence, fans projected him to place the three-time NFL MVP at the top of his all-time Mount Rushmore of sports, however, Skip shocked all by ranking basketball legend Michael Jordan above the NFL legend.

Tom Brady

The analyst sees the five-time NBA MVP as a “supremely talented overachiever” as well as the “greatest big-game performer ever in any sport” and shared his logic for his controversial ranking with some heavy praises for the basketball icon.

“He was simply the greatest competitor and greatest big-game performer ever in any sport. Never been anything quite like him. … Michael Jordan was a supremely talented overachiever. He was better than anyone else, and he worked harder than anyone else. … Just an unparalleled rage to win. There’s nobody who ever played any sport that I would rather have the ball in his hands with the game on the line for my life.”

Skip later came to his track of supporting his favorite NFL player Tom Terrific saying the former quarterback proved himself as the best leader on the field.

“Tom Brady [is the] ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing. … In his first six Super Bowls, Tom Brady won them with game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime. … Tom Brady has proven to be the greatest leader in the history of sports.”

Why did Michael Jordan’s Tom Brady-Aaron Rodgers commercial upset Skip Bayless?

The NBA icon Michael Jordan decided a surprise for the NFL fans with a controversial commercial during Sunday Night Football matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings in 2018 where he was seen shedding light on the GOAT debate saying “LeBron James or MJ?”

During a part of the commercial, Jordan mentioned some feats like “it’s a tough call” “who has the titles, the raw talent, the most clutch moments,” and “even the jersey numbers are the same,” well, definitely he was talking about him and LeBron, however, a twist came when he turned the debate to Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers.

Both A-Rod and TB12 had the same jersey numbers as well as they used to hold intense competition before the California Cool retired in January this year, however, Bayless just didn’t like the comparison at all.

The sports writer turned analyst has been very much vocal about his disliking LeBron and Michael taking his name with James as the GOAT of the NBA was regarded as a baseless statement to him as well as he also thinks “Aaron Rodgers doesn’t belong to the same breath with Tom Brady”, hence, the disappointment was quite visible on his face.

Skip’s eternal love for Brady led him to take digs at Aaron and even the Kansas City Chiefs’ young QB Patrick Mahomes turned into his prey for defending the Bucs legend, however, no one can deny that he is proficient at using tailor-made statistics to prove his point.

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