Tom Brady NFL Combine record: how did he fare at the 2000 scouting event?

Tom Brady, widely acclaimed as the greatest American football player ever, boasts an illustrious career that began with humble roots. While he would go on to win an iconic seven Super Bowls which is the most in league history, Brady did not start his career with a bang.

In fact, Tom Brady’s performances at the NFL Draft combine were far from stellar. Or at least they did not quite speak of the spark that TB12 was hiding all along.

How did Tom Brady perform at NFL Combine?

After his final college football season with the Michigan Wolverines, Tom Brady entered the 2000 NFL Combine. Multiple QBs were invited to showcase their skills and impress the recruiters including Tom Brady.

Brady has always been an exceptional player but his performance in the 2000 NFL Combine wasn’t that satisfactory as compared to his illustrious NFL career. His drill results concluded that he passed the 40-yard dash within 5.28 seconds, his vertical jump was 24.5 inches high, and his 20-yard short shuttle within 4.38 seconds.

During the drills, he missed the broad jump, bench press, and 60-yard shuttle drills. This result proved that at that time the seven-time Super Bowl champion was slow and didn’t show a burst of speed.

Tom Brady

However, during that time it was still considered enough given quarterbacks weren’t expected to perform as intensely as they have to now in 2024.

Tom Brady wasn’t selected until the No. 199 overall pick in the sixth round by the New England Patriots. Many teams passed on him not only because of his NFL Combine performance but also because he didn’t have a very athletic body back then.

But then he got the opportunity to showcase his full potential with the Patriots and later with the Bucs. The former QB ended his 23-year NFL career with seven Super Bowl victories and multiple other accolades cementing his name as an NFL legend.

Brady requested Elon Musk to delete his NFL Combine photo

When rumors started circulating that Elon Musk would buy Twitter (now known as X) Tom Brady immediately took advantage of the situation and made a request to Elon Musk. 

While the world was focused on Elon taking over Twitter, Brady, whose memorabilia was recently sold at low price, found it the right time to get his awkward NFL Combine picture removed from the platform.

The former QB posted a tweet asking Elon to remove his picture from the 2000 NFL Combine in which Brady was standing shirtless and didn’t have the sculptured body that he has now.

Tom Brady
Via People

“If you buy Twitter can you delete the combine photo?” Tom Brady requested.

However, unfortunately, his request was not addressed, and the platform still has that awkward picture of the former QB. But nobody cares about that picture as the world only knows Tom Brady for his great personality and football prowess.

Now, that he is retired from the NFL he will soon start a new venture as a sports analyst with the FOX. Fans are eagerly anticipating watching Tom Brady take on this new role.

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