$2,200 Tom Brady memorabilia to fetch 5-times of current value in future

Tom Brady bid farewell to the NFL last year, but his name can’t be separated from the league considering his 23-year exceptional NFL career. His illustrious career in the NFL earned him countless awards, as well as the affection of the fans.

However, given the fact that the seven-time Super Bowl champion is lauded for his football talents, his memorabilia is just as popular and fetches extremely high values. Recently, a piece of memorabilia pertaining to Tom Brady was sold for an unexpected price, which surprised everyone. Let’s delve into further details.

Tom Brady memorabilia sells for $2,200

Recently, one particular piece of Tom Brady’s “One of One” memorabilia was sold only for $2,200. However, it is expected that its value will be increased further. 

In an eagerly awaited 17th annual Super Bowl Live Auction, the former QB’s memorabilia was also auctioned, and it was sold at a relatively low price. However, the experts predicted that this value would increase fivefold in the future. 

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Because of Tom Brady’s immense popularity, any of his memorabilia always holds remarkable allure and is sold for a huge amount of money. 

From game-worn jerseys to footballs, each item associated with Tom Brady holds significant importance. Even though Tom Brady no longer plays in the league his remarkable career draws a lot of attention to his every activity. Now, the former QB is busy with new business ventures, which also include his career as a sports analyst

Most expensive Tom Brady memorabilia

Tom Brady retired as one of the greatest football players ever, holding numerous records such as most passing yards, touchdowns, wins, Pro Bowl appearances, Super Bowl victories, and Super Bowl MVP awards. Because of his legendary status, his memorabilia are highly prized.

One of Brady’s most expensive memorabilia is his rookie card. Brady’s 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Autograph Rookie Card was sold for $3.1 million. It is limited to 100 copies and is the second-most valuable football card ever. It’s known for its rarity and high condition sensitivity, with a mint condition grade (BGS 9) and a perfect autograph grade (BGS 10). 

Tom Brady
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Other than that, Brady’s worn jerseys and used footballs are also sold at very high prices. His most expensive game-worn jersey is from Super Bowl LV, where he led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory. It was sold for $480,000 because it was also signed by him. Tom Brady’s most expensive used football was sold for over $428,000.

Other notable items of the seven-time Super Bowl champion, such as a football ticket, game-worn cleats, and helmets, are similarly sold for very high prices, showcasing Brady’s profound impact on sports history and the enduring appeal of his legacy.

Tom Brady has left an indelible mark on the NFL world, and no player in the league currently is expected to replace that.

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