KOI captain Starxo shares honest opinion on new lineup following back-to-back defeats VCT EMEA: “Just have small mistakes to fix”

Movistar KOI ended their VCT EMEA kickoff campaign with a loss to Karmine Corp on February 27, 2024. While many consider the results to be disappointing, captain Patryk “Starxo” Kopczyński thinks small mistakes were why his team could not cross the finish line.

At one point, KOI faced the risk of early elimination after losing their first match. However, they managed to regroup and qualify for the play-in matches.

Starxo talks on KOI’s new roster

It’s been over a year since Starxo joined KOI from Ascend. Since then, he has assumed the captain’s role and is happy with the setup.

The team atmosphere is light, and everyone feels right at home. “We’re super friendly and stuff,” said Starxo when asked how others are fitting in.

Before the start of the season, KOI was trailing as there were some changes in the personnel. They could not get the ideal squad they wanted. It was only after January that the complete squad was finalized, and they started preparing for the playoffs.

They believe they need more games against the top teams. Valorant tournaments are fewer compared to those in CS, resulting in less practice opportunities. While their goal was to reach the finals, they’re satisfied with their performance.

Starxo wants KOI to compete in all future tournaments. He admitted to having issues with his consistency during the last year. He looks forward to matches with the top teams and improving his skill sets.

He was full of praise for ShadoW, who also joined KOI this year. His calmness, composure and ability to keep the squad together were things that stood out. They work together well, and that should bring dividends to KOI going forward.

KOI’s performance in VCT EMEA League

Starxo had a mixed performance in the VCT EMEA 2024. He was great during the second match against BBL Esports and their successive win against Team Liquid. This is when he got the highest KD ratio of 1.9 in this tournament.

His worst outing came against Team Vitality, where the kill-to-death dropped to 0.4. His team was already trailing by 13-9 and eventually lost the next round 13-6 to lose 2-0.

The last match against Karmine Corp was better for Starxo, with KDs of 0.7 and 0.9. But the other team was considerably better, as the KOI conceded too many rounds earlier on to make a comeback later on.

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