Tom Brady reportedly lost 15 pounds amid Gisele Bündchen divorce during tough NFL Season 2022

It seems like Tom Brady has been in the NFL forever. The legendary quarterback has had his ups and downs over the years. However, this season he must have had one of the worst times in his career. Reportedly, Tom Brady lost 15 pounds. 

His weight loss was noticed mainly after he divorced his wife, Gisele Bündchen. Many people bashed Brady as he remained in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team even after reaching the age of 45. Earlier in February, Tom announced his retirement from Football. However, after a short forty-day gap, he changed his mind and returned to the scene once more. 

Brady thought he still had some game left in him that could impact the Bucs’ team, allowing himself and his team to achieve greatness. Little did TB12 know that this was not the Bus team he signed up for, as the Buccaneers lacked in their offensive lineup. Nonetheless, with immense pressure on his shoulders—getting a divorce and getting all the negativity from fans—Tom Brady lost 15 pounds.

Jeff Darlington disclosed this information as he took “A deeper look into Tom Brady’s Final Dilemma”- a video on Twitter. 

How did Jeff reveal the information- “Tom Brady lost 15 pounds?”

Losing his weight was just partial information in the video. The video mainly focused on the overall struggles of the NFL GOAT. Tom Brady is not just physically broken but also mentally.

The player, hoping to use his “remaining greatness,” has suffered this season. People do not know how the legend carries all the weight- pressure to perform in a weak team, managing his personal life, and receiving all the hatred- go on to criticize Brady. Darlington tries to provide all the necessary information in his video to make fans aware of TB12’s reality.  

Fans criticizing Brady should realize that even if Tom is the “immortal legend” of the game, he also has a regular life like everyone else. Living with such pressure is not “easy” for anyone.

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