WWE Royal Rumble winners reportedly chosen “several weeks ago” laying stage for WrestleMania 39

Wrestlemania 39 is expected to be one of the biggest events of its class in recent memory. Of course, half the fun of such blockbuster events is the leadup, and the next WWE Royal Rumble scheduled for Saturday, Jan 28, 2023, is probably going to stir up things big time. New reports suggest that the winner for both the men’s and women’s events may have already been picked.

Per reports by Ringside News, an insider from the creative team ousted the information that winners for the mega event have already been selected. Some have tried to pitch the idea that WWE may have lost confidence in its fighters but such rumors have been strongly rejected. As per the winners, Cody Rhodes is reportedly the men’s champion while Rhea Ripley takes home the women’s.

What else can we expect from WWE Royal Rumble 2023?

According to the rules, both the men’s and women’s championships will have 30 performers each. So far 16 men and around 10 women have confirmed their presence which includes some of the industry’s finest. Mia Yim was asked about her attendance at the event to which she replied,

“I am not an official entrant, so I don’t know what’s happening. So I’m just here and seeing what’s going to happen. But I brought my family with me, so whatever happens, it’s going to be a good time.”

Cody Rhodes had not appeared under WWE for a while as he went on to help establish ‘All Elite Wrestling’. Rhodes had a spectacular TNT title ladder match alongside Sammy Guevara and decided to call it quits in the earlier part of 2022. Sending ripples across the wrestling world he made his comeback on Wrestlemania. Recently he has been recovering from a pec injury but seems fired up for the Royal Rumble event.

With so many superstars expected to appear at Wrestlemania 39, who are you anticipating to see?


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