NFL trade rumors: Three teams could respond as QB Tom Brady’s options for his 24th season return

Tom Brady is the living legend of the NFL. The GOAT quarterback has featured in twenty-three editions of the tournament and is now looking for a team that will allow him to play in his twenty-fourth. 

As the game legend, Tom has many pros and cons that teams will consider before getting him on board. Firstly, TB12 is the most experienced campaigner in the NFL- he knows how to perform in crucial stages.

That being said, his experience also comes with his age- TB12 is now 45 years old, and unlike many other young quarterbacks, he lacks agility.

On the other hand, even with his age, Brady does not fail to perform; this season, Tom has contributed with 4,694 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, and nine interception throws.

However, he could not lead his team to victory in the Wild Card match against the Cowboys. 

Keeping his pros and cons in mind, three teams have shown interest in the legendary veteran player Tom Brady. The teams are Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers, and Las Vegas Raiders.

The 49ers and the Titans can count on their quarterbacks, with the likes of Purdy and Garoppolo contributing immensely to the San Francisco team.

At the same time, the Titans have young prospects like Dobbs and Willis, who can seriously cause some damage to the opponents if they are given the right opportunities. 

Therefore, the Las Vegas Raiders are the only team that might actually take their shot at TB12.

Why do the Raiders want Tom Brady on their team?

The Raiders also had one of the finest quarterbacks, Derek Carr. However, Carr has decided to step away from the Raiders team, leaving the QB spot wide open for Tom to jump in.

On the other hand, the California Cool will get the homely vibe in the Raiders team as his New England coach Josh McDaniels is with the team. 

Derek Carr
Derek Carr steps down from the Raiders.

Will the Raiders sign the NFL GOAT? Or will some other team snatch Brady first? Time will tell. Till then stay tuned for more updates.


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