“Don’t co-host a weekly podcast!” Tom Brady’s agitated answer to retirement queries draws criticism from NFL community

The NFL world is incomplete without Tom Brady. He will continue to make headlines whether the living legend is on or off the field. He has done it again! TB12 is again the talk of the town despite failing to help the Bucs move further in the playoffs.

Brady is usually a calm person who knows what he is doing. Youngsters look up to the NFL GOAT as he is an iconic and heroic figure all across the globe. With such a promise, people do not expect Tom to misbehave in public appearances.

However, In an episode of his Let’s Go podcast on Monday, Tb12 failed to do so. Evan Closky, after the show, shared a tweet regarding Tom Brady that made fans go berserk.

What did Evan Closky tweet about Tom Brady?

Evan Closky, in his tweet, asked a critical question to the NFL fans. Through the last couple of years, Tom Brady has constantly faced a single question- whether he is thinking about retirement. This question was once again asked Brady in the podcast when Tom lost his cool and went on to say-

“If I knew what I was going to f—ing do I would’ve already f—ing done it. I’m taking it a day at a time.”
“I appreciate you asking. Thank you.”

Evans shared this podcast highlight and asked, “You think Tom Brady is getting annoyed by people asking him about retirement or nah?”

How did fans react?

Following Closky’s tweet, fans did not seem pleased with any standards and criticized Brady with their comments and tweets. Robert Flores’ tweet mainly grabbed everyone’s attention as he wrote, 

“Here’s an idea Thomas and I’m just spitballing here. If you don’t want to be asked about your future, now hear me out: *Clears throat* DON’T CO HOST A WEEKLY @!#%!# PODCAST!!”

Many fans agreed with Flores and bashed Brady. However, fans must also realize that, like everyone else, TB12 is human and can make such errors. That being said, Tom has entertained fans with his jaw-dropping performances over an extended career, and he has always remained calm with very few mistakes. 

Should Tom Brady be bashed for his minor error? Let us know what you think in the comment box.


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