Top 10 star soccer talents failed to shine and disappeared

During almost all seasons young talent always appears that many trusts that they will achieve success. However, due to various circumstances, these young promises fail to meet the expectations of the public. This leads them to be forgotten within the sports environment falling out of favor and becoming soccer talents failed to shine.

There are many examples of young promises that were meant to succeed. However, it is known to many that it is not easy to reach the big European leagues easily. These players were profiled to become great football legends.

The lack of skill or accompaniment in their young careers led them to be forgotten by the great European teams. Many of these players were required more than they could offer, becoming a failure for public expectations.

These are the 10 most recognized soccer talents failed to shine in the history of this sport:


  1. Candido Costa

Candido Costa
Costa playing in Porto


All Portuguese football fans unfortunately remember this young promise. This is one of the most popular soccer talents failed to shine in the football environment. The audience’s expectation with this young player was very great.

Many fans already saw this young promise as the next Luis Figo. The great pressure of the fans played against him. Everyone expected a different performance from the rest by this player who supposed to have unique abilities compared to his teammates.

The disappointment of the public raised when they noticed that this player did not meet expectations. During his time at FC Porto his image was highly elevated. His name ran through all the newspapers as the next legend of Portugal.

Unfortunately, this was not possible. Costa could not meet the high demands of the public and never achieved success outside the Portuguese league. This cost him his football career since he never managed to stand out within the sport.


  1. Caio Ribeiro

Caio Ribeiro
Caio signing for Inter


Many remember Caio Ribeiro as one of the great promises at Inter Milan. Clearly, the performance of this player was much lower than expected and he ended up in this ranking. The audience’s expectation with this player was immense since it had been presented as a great football legend.

Inter contract 3 players who promised a lot that season. Javier Zanetti, Roberto Carlos and Caio Ribeiro had been chosen. The story of Zanetti and Roberto Carlos is already known worldwide, both achieved success in several teams and became great legends in this sport.

However, Caio Ribeiro never achieved international success. His expectations were very high, and he was not even close to meeting them. Unlike his teammates, he passed football history as one of the soccer talents failed to shine.


  1. Adailton

Adailton playing in Parma


One of the biggest surprises of this ranking is the one with this Brazilian soccer player. Perhaps, he was one of the most promising races in this ranking. Many saw him as the next best player in the world for his great performance during his youth.

However, to the misfortune of many, Adailton became one of the most unfortunate soccer talents failed to shine. During his career in the Brazilian national team U20 had become a great promise. Marco 24 goals in 19 games calling everyone’s attention.

When he played professionally, he became the biggest disappointment for football. During his career he went through several important European teams such as Parma or PSG, but in no way did he succeed. His surprise lack of skills led him to failure.


  1. Ibrahim Ba

Ibrahim Ba
Ibrahim in AC milan


This Senegalese soccer player made one of the worst mistakes in a soccer player’s career. It was clear that he was a skilled footballer and that he had everything to achieve victory. However, he was carried away by the opinion of the press and this led him to destroy his career.

Ibrahim was nationalized to play with the French national team. However, when everyone expected him to be summoned, the football manager left him out of the 1998 World Cup. This led him to enter a strong state of depression and his game level fell dramatically.

It was never the same after that call. Unfortunately, his low level of play after this World Cup led him to be erased from the Italian Serie A where he played. In the teams where he played in the future, he couldn’t succeed again.


  1. Robinho

Robinho in his best moment


Another of the most recognized soccer talents failed to shine around the world is this Brazilian soccer player. Unlike the previous case, this player was out of stardom because of him. His bad attitudes what led to problems in each team where juice.

Recognized worldwide for his skills, he failed to reach football success. Despite having taken a more than acceptable step for Real Madrid, this player won the hatred of fans and coaches on more than one occasion.

His extremely superb attitudes led him to multiple conflicts with football managers. Because of this, he was erased from several important teams like Manchester City. Finally, he failed to achieve the success that fans and the press believed he could get.


  1. Denilson

Denilson in Real betis


A clear example that skills must be accompanied by a game without pressure. With a career that aimed to be successful, this young man could not stand the pressure of fans and quickly failed. Many in Betis remember it as a great shame.

This young star had been presented in Betis as the best player in La Liga. His abilities led him to be on everyone’s lips. However, he was quickly showed that he did not live up to the circumstances.

His career lasted very little. Since his jump to stardom, he failed to withstand the pressure of the media and his level of play fell drastically. He did not do well in his future, after his departure from Betis juice for several teams in which he failed to demonstrate many skills becoming one of the soccer talents failed to shine.


  1. Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner
Bendtner in Arsenal


Bendtner is one of the most superb footballers ever seen. Even though Ibrahimovic, this player who jumped to stardom in Arsenal called himself the best striker in the world. He clearly had skills, but not enough to be the best.

His pride led him to the public to expect a brilliant performance from him. This was clearly against him as he passed through Arsenal. Although he played well for several games, he was unable to sustain his level of play and failed to meet the expectations he proposed.

Currently, he is a footballer virtually unknown to many. Several remember him for his controversial statements in which he boasted his abilities. However, time gave the reason to those who said that this was not a great player and his career ended in a resounding failure.


  1. David Bentley

David Bentley
Bentley in his last steps


The case of this player left several fans baffled. Bentley was a fairly skilled player with ball control and had even played alongside players like Beckham. However, this did not help much since he could not stand his high level of play.

With a quality game in his youth, this player seemed quite promising. However, time proved that we were wrong. In his signing for Tottenham, he showed that he was not up to expectations and was quickly erased from the starting team.

After the English team left, he never managed to recover their quality game. Currently, he only remains in the memory of Blackburn Rovers fans where he showed his best football moment. This soccer player became one of the most disappointing soccer talents failed to shine since we all saw him as a great chance of success.


  1. Gaizka Mendieta

Gaizka Mendieta
Mendieta in his best moment


Unlike many players in this ranking, this player formed a fairly respectable football career. With passing through great teams like Valencia, Barcelona and Lazio, this footballer managed to reach the great European leagues with very good performances.

However, all are part of this ranking because at some point they had a failure. The failure of this player was in Lazio. In the Italian team I fail to live up to their predecessors and he was far from meeting the expectations of the team.

This led him to become one of the soccer talents failed to shine. Being a very promising player who was considered the best midfielder in the world, he drastically lost his level of play in the Italian team. Unfortunately, he never managed to recover this style of quality game that characterized him and he just fell into oblivion of fans.


  1. Freddy Adu

Freddy Adu
Adu with Pele


It is very difficult to choose a first place for this ranking. But this is one of the soccer talents failed to shine that deserves first place. He excited all football fans with his skills. However, he never managed to carry out the expectations of the fans.

At his young age 14 he was already on everyone’s lips because of his abilities. Few soccer players are so skilled at that age. However, Adu already played with the same quality as several renowned European players. Despite this, he can’t keep up his good game.

When the time came to start demonstrating his skills to the world, he failed drastically. The disappointment of the fans was immense as it was one of the best soccer talents and quickly forgot.

This player is a clear example that soccer skill is not maintained forever. The lack of accompaniment and Media pressure also influenced the formation of this player. Unfortunately, he was quickly forgotten and at 26 he was already erased from the world of football.

These are the 10 most popular soccer players failed to shine in the history of this sport. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are not remembered by virtually anyone. His skills were not constant, and they quickly went into sports failure.


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